How Salesforce Integration is a Stage to Enhance Consumer Relation

Sales force Integration

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Salesforce Integration can be an easy solution to your problem. The success of any company,  business or brand depends enormously on how it performs in the sales and marketing domain.  With the help of salesforce integration improvement of sales management process will take place which in turn provides better customer experiences. Now, you can grow your business  faster from anywhere. 

Challenges faced in Customer Relations 

The challenges faced in customer relations by any business can be huge. The main and the most  important risk is your customer choosing a different company over yours.   Customers may not feel like the service you  are providing to them is of priority to you.  Even little delay on your website compared  to other companies might make you lose  consumers. Achieving and meeting the  satisfaction level of your customers is of foremost importance and you do not want to fall  short in providing the same. Customers are most likely to avail services from companies which  are transparent while providing services at all stages. 

Among different other problems associated some might be internal to your business. Your sales  team might face difficulty in fetching details of potential or existing customers. Filtering data  from data silos and Handling the same in a synchronized manner is a cumbersome task. You  may not be able to target the potential customer group. In a business running a large number  of departments parallelly together and in a synchronized way is not a risk-free task. 

Customer Life Cycle Management 

You should be able to provide and own each and every stage of customer lifecycle  management. There are different stages like  

∙ Attract 

∙ Engage 

∙ Conversion 

∙ Retention 

∙ Loyalty 

∙ Nurture 

∙ Grow 

Customer Life Cycle Management 

Attract: This stage, also known as the discovery stage, covers your company’s efforts to acquire customers. This usually entails marketing to a broad or limited group of potential customers. Much of that marketing happens online, albeit not all of it, and includes your  website, social media, and other digital channels. 

Engage: You’ve discovered and begun engaging with a certain potential client in order to  inform them of the advantages of doing business with you. 

Conversion: You have converted the potential business lead into a customer. You have  managed them to buy your product or service. 

Retention: Now that you have made a customer, your company must do all necessary to  provide excellent service to the client and persuade them to continue using your services.  On-boarding, the first phase of the retention cycle, is crucial. When you introduce a client  to your service or product, you begin on-boarding. At this point, the two parties exchange  information and specifics to guarantee that the client’s job, as well as the client relationship,  gets off to a good start. You might also present the client to the rest of the group. A horrible  start to a relationship can permanently poison it and hasten its end. 

Loyalty: The ultimate goal is to achieve this. Your organization has earned the support of  its clientele by doing excellent work for them at this point. The client has done business with  you on several occasions and has become a “brand ambassador,” endorsing your company  publicly. A brand ambassador could be your company’s most effective tool for recruiting  new customers. 

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Does Salesforce Integration Improves Customer Relationship? 

Salesforce integration can help business perform better via integration of the same with various  applications that are used on the day-to-day basis. Salesforce integration gathers data from various platforms easily and produces the same in a unified and synchronized manner. This  helps customers to have a better digital experience. 

Salesforce Integration with third parties like different social media and services platforms  allows the business to narrow down and target their potential buyers by understanding their 

values and other information that are available on these platforms. This helps in saving the  time of any business by syncing data with other third party platforms. 

The various outcome your business may enjoy from Salesforce Integration are: 

  It would help your business to run personalized campaigns for prospects on different social media   platforms. These helps in increasing match rates is actually helping the business in conversion of prospects to buyers by double. Your company would be able to measure the company’s ad campaign performances accurately and take various decisions regarding the same. 

Integrating with different social media would bring your company more leads, engagement and eventually good number of sales. Building connection with b2c eCommerce platforms would eventually bring more sales.  

Smoothening Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) process: The process is improved and made efficient for all users by incorporating ERP data into every CPQ transaction. 

To be competitive and ahead of your competitors, you must speed up your business operations. The company’s human work is reduced by using Salesforce to develop quotes that are customized to manage product and service data, including shipping and order  status. How well Enterprise Resource Planning data is integrated into Salesforce and its  apps determines how accurate a quote is. A well-integrated CPQ process also aids in increasing revenue, lowering costs, and optimizing financial operations, in addition to the  foregoing. 

CPQ process is important in the following scenarios: 

• If you sell a variety of configurable products or services 

• If you offer a diverse selection of goods and services 

• If you sell through a variety of channels 

• If creating a quote takes too long 

• If the generated quotes are frequently incorrect 

• If there are any prospects for cross-selling and up-selling that have been overlooked

 It would enhance the proficiency of your team. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration with salesforce would help your sales representative to get all the details of your potential and current clients just by looking into the customer relationship management system. This would make your sales representative to achieve better productivity as well as would help in forecasting. 

With the sophisticated integration of your Salesforce applications, your company’s sales  staff can ensure great success. Mobile apps that link Salesforce, CRM, Retention rate, and  legacy systems can help you streamline workflows and reporting.  

Single point of source for service calls: Salesforce Integration allows you to access customer data and information right away. When an employee is involved in an incoming contact, which is generally the consequence of a grievance or confusion, having real-time access to the customer’s profile can help them better prepare to take the call. 

Also managers can gain a better understanding of their team’s performance using  Salesforce. This could include the number of calls your sales staff makes or gets in a given  day, the length of those calls, whether or not the customer was satisfied with the call, and  so forth. It enables managers to investigate such facts in order to better understand how  they might improve their customer service. 

Cross departmental visibility:

By making visible quality inspections to all affected departments in real-time, you can maintain product quality and exceed your consumers’  expectations. This can be accomplished in your manufacturing unit by combining inspection, inventory, and quality management data. When the warehouse management system scans and records available inventory, for example, the production department is automatically notified if inventory levels are low and production is sped up. 

By integrating salesforce with marketing  automation system, your company would be  able to direct different campaigns and  programs in the best possible way. 

As rightly said, ‘a happy customer is a  repeat customer’ and the repeat customers  spend more. Today’s customer expects fast, seamless and hyper-personalized support at  any hour of the day or night. Salesforce  Integration offers high quality customer  service by improving on what to offer,  identifying gaps and spotting problems  early.

By integrating salesforce with marketing automation system, your company would be able  to direct different campaigns and programs in the best possible way. 

As rightly said, ‘a happy customer is a repeat customer’ and the repeat customers spend  more. Today’s customer expects fast, seamless and hyper-personalized support at any hour  of the day or night. Salesforce Integration offers high quality customer service by  improving on what to offer, identifying gaps and spotting problems early. 

Easier and faster access to consumers:

Salesforce Integration gives you the ability to  communicate with customers at any time and from any location. It enables you to access  essential data from any device, regardless of location, and gives you more flexibility in  your working life. It would help your organization to improve on products and services. 

New service or product:

Among the many ways available to acquire any goods or service  anywhere in the world, integrating Salesforce and ERP systems with your e-commerce  systems is the most secure. Customers have a wide range of alternatives for completing their purchase, including which channel they utilise, how they customize their goods, and which product combination they choose. You can ensure that your new product launches  go well, that consumer demand is fulfilled, and that customers receive their items on  schedule by integrating Salesforce.

One platform – multi service: Customers require a cohesive experience across all service  and sales channels to meet their requests and exceed their expectations. Integrating  Salesforce, ERP, and legacy systems might result in a comprehensive purchasing  experience. This provides marketers with information about client expectations as well as  true facts for future interactions.


Salesforce integration will help you in making better decisions by giving you a complete view of all the data and avoiding risks of poor data quality. This improved decision making is based on a proper understanding of  risk and the benefits. It allows streamlined data flow and relevant reports to improve decision making with critical insights on customer data which would help you to take the  best action for your business. This would help your company align towards revenue and increase of customer retention and loyalty.  

Ultimately, Salesforce integration will help your business in efficiently maximizing revenues by effectively minimizing the cost.

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