Advantages of Using Heavy copper PCB

Heavy copper PCB

Last Updated on October 14, 2021 by Team Experts

Heavy copper PCB circuit boards are produced with copper thickness within 3 Oz to 15 Oz that you can use to develop complex switches in an efficient manner. With these heavy copper boards, you can produce switches within a small space with different circuitry and highest current level. These PCBs are constructed in proven designs due to which they deliver excellent efficiency while performing with high voltage. You can use heavy copper boards in situations when there is a need to withstand frequent exposure, elevated temperatures and recurring thermal cycling, where use of regular boards usually fails to perform well.

Heavy copper PCB is efficient to withstand excessive current because of their development with copper traces and planes. You can use these printed circuit boards for high power distribution and heat dissipation in power convertors and planar transformers. The value of thickness and width remains cheaper in accordance with extreme permissible temperature rise in the conductors and current carrying capacity. With excellent tolerance capacity, the heavy copper boards are ideal to use in aerospace and defense equipment. Apart from this, they also find their applications in computers, automotives, military and other industries for continuous power distribution. Cost of the heavy printed boards is high in comparison to the regular circuit boards because of their complex construction.

Advantages of Using Heavy Copper PCB

  • Responsible for enhancement in endurance to the thermal strains of PCB
  • Available with improved current carrying capacity
  • The heavy copper PCB delivers excellent mechanical strength in PTH holes as well as at connector sites
  • Boards are available to handle high temperature and voltage without any failure to circuit
  • They integrate several copper weights on the same circuitry layer due to which the size of these boards become small.
  • This device contains Heavy copper plated vias due to which the board becomes able to carry higher current. The vias also help the board for transmission of heat to the external heatsink.
  • Construction of Heavy copper boards offers benefits like reduced layer count, smaller footprints, low impedance power distribution and potential cost savings.

With heavy copper PCB, it has become possible to incorporate control circuits and excessive current circuits to get higher density in a simple structure of board. The features of heavy copper circuit boards are connected to the normal circuit boards in a seamless and continuous manner. Apart from this, the professionals use specialized etching and plating techniques while manufacturing printed boards with heavy copper thickness. The main reason behind why these heavy copper printed boards are highly demandable now-a-days is reduction of complex wired bus configurations and enhancement of power requirement in the computing power industry. Thereby, purchase different types of boards as per your requirement to distribute high power in an effective manner.

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