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Buying Property

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The process of purchasing properties can be extremely demanding at times, and takes a lot of thought in order to make the purchase.

So, as a buyer of a Gambia houses it is essential that you complete all your research regarding the property you’re buying and adhere to a few helpful suggestions. 

These Suggestions Can Aid You Greatly In The End.

Sufficient Drainage

It is mandatory to check the level and location of drains outside. Also, you must ensure you have drains that are accessible and fully functional.

Water logging could be a long-term problem during times of heavy rain. Therefore, if you are aware of the long-term needs to determine if your region is able to drain or not.

The Significance Of This Location

The location where you’re purchasing your home could have something that draws attention. Make sure you are aware of all the downs and ups of the area before you begin the whole procedure. The area could be famous with a pub, a kebab or bar shop too.

Is The Area Large Enough To Accommodate You?

There is no way to invest in a property that will not meet all your requirements and needs. However, you should ensure that the home you’re investing in is large enough to be able to accommodate all members in a well-equipped and comfortable manner.

It will also offer you lots of peace over the long term, but you’ll also be able to live your life with an unwavering peace of mind.

Does The Structure Of The Building Sound?

The structure must be sound and sturdy. It should be capable of withstanding the most threatening external forces, such as storms or tornadoes.

This can extend the longevity of the property as well as its value. Its structure cheap houses for sale in Gambia is its base.

If the structure of the property is sturdy then you’re making an investment that is very profitable. In the event that it is not, you need to be thinking about the possibility of losing it.


The power supply for the region must be considered. The price of electricity differs from one location to another , and you need to consider all of these costs into account.

To do this it is necessary to inquire with the relevant people and get as much details as you can before beginning your investment.

Prior to purchasing the property, it is important to determine whether you would like to live in the area or not. It is the single most crucial aspect.

Five Things You Need To Be Aware Of Before Purchasing Property In Belize

It is an overwhelming experience and it could be more difficult when buying property in a foreign country. But, Belize is part of the British Commonwealth with a legal system that is based on the same British common law that is shared by Canada in those in the United States.

But, there are five essential things every buyer should know prior to beginning the process of purchasing their dream home in Belize:

Foreigners can have a property for Gambia apartments and enjoy similar rights to a Belizean citizen in their own freehold property.

In the years since that the Alien Landholding Act was abolished in 2001, there have been no permits, licenses, or other permits or requirements required for foreigners to acquire title to land that is freehold in Belize.

It is always recommended to seek legal advice from a professional in the event of purchasing a home, although it is often that it is not necessary. There are knowledgeable and reliable paralegals who are acquainted with the record of title of the local property and will frequently finalise the purchase.

There are crucial issues regarding how to transfer titles that could influence your closing costs as well as possibly affect the way you can sell your home. Do not take risks and seek out a local expert legal representation.

Title insurance is a common practice across the US and is becoming more prevalent in Canada however it isn’t as prevalent in Belize. It is worth noting that Belize is among the rare Central American countries that in fact offer title insurance with one of the leading American companies, Stewart Title.

It is crucial to remember that the Government of Belize guarantees most Belizean titles. Likewise, your lawyer in Belize can provide the title report that ensures that you are as safe with regard to your title as it is in America and Canada. USA and Canada

Costs for closing costs in Belize are simple. Since there isn’t any capital gains tax imposed on the Gambia house for sale or purchase of property, the government charges 5% stamp tax to the stated purchase cost for the home at the moment of the closing.

The end of each year, the loan will be closed out, and is then renewed with the same interest rate. An alternative that is more sensible could be to take out a loan through an offshore bank and, as with all loans, expert advice from a professional is vital.

Common sense should prevail when considering purchasing property in any foreign country and this should be started by having an advisor in your corner and not influence by the position of the seller.

Start by following these five points and you’ll be well on your way to make this an exciting and memorable experience.

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Property From Wholesalers

1. Don’t Believe In Wholesaler’s Numbers

This is inclusive of the post repair value and repair cost. It is essential to conduct your own investigation and come with your own figures.

Wholesalers have a hard time getting great deals, just like you so make sure you’re getting the best bargain.

I believe it’s essential to invest in the property and to have advisers to help you understand the value of the property as well as the repair budget. A good realtor and a reputable contractor important to have, especially when you’re just beginning to start.

2. No Inspection Clause

Most of the time when you sign under contract with a wholesaler , you don’t have an escape clause. In a typical transaction, you’ll be give a certain amount of time to complete your research after you have your contract in place.

A lot of times, when working with wholesalers, you need to do research prior to entering into a contract, or you lose your money. Therefore, you need to get moving quickly, but do not compromise quality with speed.

3. Uncertainty About The Agreement

There are a variety of ways that wholesalers transfer possession to you. As a seasoned hard money lender, we’ve experienced the whole spectrum. Sometimes, they close the loan and then transfer it back to you, but most times they never ever close.

When the agreement is transfer to you, whether via an entity transfer, or assignment agreement, you should study and the contract that is sign by the current owner.

It is likely that there will be two contracts: one between the owner and wholesaler as well as one that you sign with the wholesaler. It is important to read and comprehend both. A few examples of issues that I have observed include:

  1. Cash offer, however you are planning to make use of financing (this could create a problem when you get to the table for closing)
  2. Original earnest money is not appearing on settlement statements
  3. Who pays for what at the close?
  4. Dates of closing and other deadlines

If you are dealing with an REO this shouldn’t be an issue since liens must have be remove or erase in the process of foreclosure. This is particularly true in the case of the property through a short Gambia property for sale or that is owned by a private person.

In these instances, you’ll be able to talk directly to the title company. You should also go through the title commitment to ensure you know what policy the title company does not allow for. The policy is located in the “exceptions” section in the commitment to title.

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