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Are you wondering whether to enlist the help of a white label PPC agency? We can understand the hesitation as it would mean stepping out of the comfort zone of using your own in-house team and embarking on PPC outsourcing. However, the good news is that this involves zero risk especially when you partner with the right company. In fact, not only is it a safe option, but it can help grow your existing business and increase your return on investment. 

Why invest in white label PPC services?

The simple answer would be because you can offer this service to your clients without having to do any of the work. In other wors, you can add pay-per-click advertising to your service basket, without the stress and investment of hiring and training your own in-house team. Although the white label PPC team will work on the backend offering this service to your clients, you will still stay entirely in control of the process and be their sole contact. Further, their idea is not to poach your clients but to partner with you, so that their expertise can be harnessed to grow your own digital marketing brand.

How will this grow your own business?

A white label PPC agency will have the expertise and know-how to run entire campaigns without any hand-holding from your side. This will free up time and resources within your agency, so you can focus on core business-expansion initiatives. Further, by professionally and effectively running successful PPC campaigns for your clients, you can enjoy client retention for longer as they will want to continue their association with you in order to help their own clients succeed in digital marketing endeavours. These firms offer a wide array of critical PPC services which can help grow your own business by helping your clients reach their target audiences fasters. Here are some of the services on offer:

Keyword research:

Successful and result-driven PPC campaigns are built on a foundation of effective keyword research. By using the right tools, providers of white label PPC services can identify high search volume keywords that have low competition. In order to drive more targeted traffic, they can use long-tail keywords for better results.

Management of negative keywords: 

One of the vital aspects of PPC management is to address negative keywords. It is important to periodically review irrelevant search terms that tend to trigger your client’s ads which will eventually lead to wasted ad spend. Any click that is not relevant to your client’s business will reduce the efficiency of the campaign.

Ad copy that sells

A white label PPC agency can help create compelling advertising copy that is creating written to entices readers to click but also includes specific keywords to enhance ad visibility. Further, ad extensions such as structured snippets, callouts and sitelinks can be added for better results. The right ad copy can make a significant difference to the overall impact of the campaign.

Optimization of the landing page

When you embark on PPC outsourcing, your clients will also benefit from better ROI and conversion rates through landing page optimization. For a seamless user experience, it is vital that landing pages load quickly and are relevant to the reader’s interest. Care must be taken to find out what resonates with the target market. Changes can be made to the calls to action, forms, images, and headlines based on the results. All the aspects of the landing page should work together and compliment each other for the best results.

Strategizing the details

Implementing the right strategy, especially when it comes to ad positioning is important as it could affect the profitability of the campaign. For instance, there needs to be the right balance between lower ad positions and those that have higher visibility and higher cost. The overall bidding strategy needs to match the campaign goals, whether your clients need to go with automated bidding or manual bidding or a mix of the two. Further, ad positions should be periodically tested to see which ones yield a higher ROI while maintaining a reasonable ad exposure.

Targeting specific demographics

When you enlist the help of white label PPC services it will become easier for you to ensure that your client’s ads reach the intended audience as they can help narrow down demographic and geographic parameters. This will eventually cut down on wasted ad spend and boos the return on investment. Only an experienced PPC partner will be able to craft a campaign that is perfectly suited for the relevant audience.

Optimizing ad schedules

Every PPC campaign requires close monitoring to see how the ads are performing over time. Analysing the performance of the campaign on a day-to-day basis and even based on the time, can help reveal peak conversion periods and other times when the ads are less productive. Timely tweaks and adjustments can be made to the ad schedule to ensure that more budget is allocated to periods that offer higher conversion value.

Network and device targeting

A white label PPC agency will be able to identify which networks and devices work best for your clients. For instance, there could be different results based on the networks that your clients use- such as video, display, Google search etc. Similarly, different devices such as tablets, mobile, or desktop can yield varying results. The right budget should be allocated to optimize the ROI.

Remarking campaigns

The company that offers PPC outsourcing services will also be able to create remarketing campaigns to target users who have already engaged with your clients’ website in the past. This will ensure that these target users are not lost out in the mix. Further, the audience can be segmented so ads can be tailored to their specific needs, interests and behaviour. This will play a significant role in conversions.

Data analysis

White label PPC services will include consistent optimization of landing pages, ad copy, keyword bids etc based on performance insights. The key to data analysis is to identify opportunities, weaknesses and strengths that can help improve the quality of the campaign.

Competitive benchmarking

An important activity in PPC management involves keeping an eye on what your client’s competitors are doing in terms of positioning, ad copy, keywords, and overall strategies. The right PPC partner can help benchmark your clients’ campaigns based on industry averages. This comparison is very useful as it will help identify specific areas that need improvement or extra attention. Further, this analysis should be done on a recurring basis so no opportunity is missed over the course of the campaign.

Overall, by executing successful PPC campaigns for your clients by enlisting the help of a white label PPC agency can in turn grow your own digital marketing agency. They will handle everything from testing, monitoring, adaptation, and implementation of the campaign from start to finish. You won’t have to worry about kick-starting these programs as you can simply rely on PPC outsourcing as a solution. Not only will be bring in a new revenue stream, but your clients will continue to patronize your services well into the future. Go ahead and link up with the right PPC partner today. 

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