What are the Essential Modules for Construction ERP?

construction ERP

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Whenever a company thinks about optimising the management and activities of the business, it must consider integrating an enterprise resource platform into its business proceedings. Collaborating with an ERP for construction industry can be the best solution. Though implementing an enterprise resource planning system might be daunting initially, it is justified in the long run. However, several modules for construction ERP software must be considered. eresource Nfra web based ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution that can solve all your requirements. Let us see what the numerous modules of construction ERP software are.

Different modules of a construction ERP.

The several modules of a construction enterprise resource solution are as follows:

Project production and management

This module ensures that every customer working on the project works at their best limits. Management and production of a construction project ensure that you are updated as the ERP software offers real-time data analysis for the current working projects. This particular module of an ERP software for construction monitors every production sector in detail. It identifies if there is any problem or fault within production and it can be detected quickly, which might have led to heavy losses for the company.

Material and inventory management

Through this practical module of construction ERP software, managing the resources for the construction business becomes significantly easier. The company owners can have all the details of production expenditures, pending transactions and other crucial financial history related to the organization. Catch unit items, and wireless management is also covered in this module. You can consider eresource mobile-based Nfra erp as a construction ERP software for best material management.


It is a practical construction ERP module that can track the statement of a shipment, and it can help the construction company optimise their routines and track schedules. The logistics module also helps to print receipts for sales transactions, generate financial reports for improved analysis, and keep a record of the shipped cargo for enhanced efficiency.

Finance and accounting

As suggested by the title, this effective module can help the construction company manage and organise bills related to your account receivables and payables. It also increases efficiency by offering quality updated reports and analysis of the company’s financial status.

Business Intelligence

This module of construction ERP software includes features like business performances or indicators, KPIs, an address book consisting of client details and imaging documented pieces of information. With the integration of this extensive module, the company can store all the essential documents in sizeable cloud-based storage. eresource Nfra ERP solution can be the best example of a business intelligence module.

The business intelligence module is greatly responsible for improving the tasks of the construction company. Through various effective reports and analysis, the company can easily follow a proper customer-supplier relationship and control their job details from a particular location.

Workforce management

An essential module includes various features like material and time administration, task management, and many more. This module lets the company manage several departments of the construction business and keep a record of their working status. It makes easier for the company and its customers to keep up with the growing features.

Moreover, workforce management in an ERP for construction industry also helps to deal with and check project status assigned to the different sectors. It helps to build a better mode of communication between the several employees of the company.


The tailored solutions of eresource construction ERP software are created to meet accurate expectations that help the company achieve business goals. If your company is facing a loss due to the absence of ERP software, it is wise to integrate one. Judge all the modules mentioned above and choose the best construction ERP software for your company.

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