Important Things To Consider Before Buying Embroidered Apparel


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Embroidery is one of the oldest methods used for reproducing custom designs on different items of clothing. Although the popularity of this technique has declined somewhat over the past several years, it is still considered to be the most impressive way of decorating any apparel. That is why a large number of organizations, despite investing in custom t-shirt printing, still prefer to get their company logo embroidered on the tees. While embroidery opens up a whole new world of design possibilities, companies interested in placing an order for embroidered apparel need to be aware of the various aspects of this method of design reproduction. The most important of these things are discussed in brief as follows.

Choice Of Fabric Is Of Utmost Importance

Every type of fabric produces a different effect in terms of the look and appeal of the embroidered design. For the best results, sturdy and thick fabrics that do not have a deep pile are preferred along with twill fabrics and standard outwear materials. Deep pile fabrics such as fleece and terry cloth tend to obstruct the embroidered images making them lose their sharpness and clarity. Similarly, soft fabrics such as rayon and silk are difficult to embroider as a greater number of stitches for creating a stable and high-quality design.

End-User Of The Garment Impacts The Design Location

The location of the embroidered design also plays a key role in ensuring the garment serves its purpose. In the case of t-shirts being designed for employees within the corporate sector, a logo embroidered in the upper corner of the shirt is the most common and preferred location.  However, many times the apparel is designed for professionals, who need to cover the front of the garment with an apron or some protective gear. In such cases, it would be a better option to place the design on the backside of the t-shirt or even its sleeve. Thus the end-user of the garment should be carefully considered before deciding the location of the embroidered design.

Choice Of Thread Enhances Design Durability And Appeal

The thread used for creating the design using embroidery is another important factor that needs to be considered. In most cases, polyester threads are used as they are most durable and colorfast. For end-users belonging to younger age groups, using neon, rainbow, color-changing, or glow-in-the-dark colors can add a bit of fun and excitement to the embroidery design. Similarly, older users may prefer designs embroidered in deep and vibrant shades that add to the sturdiness of the garment in a pleasingly stylish manner. Using the right threads to create the same designs for users with diverse preferences can help n enhancing the overall appeal of the garment quite significantly.

A Perfect Design May Involve A Variety Of Stitches

When envisioning the perfectly embroidered t-shirts most companies assume that the embroidery design would be created using the same stitch pattern. However, this might not always be true as most high-quality designs are completed using a variety of stitches to create a smooth and even look. The important thing to remember here is that just like other methods used to print t-shirts online, the higher the variety of stitches, the greater will be the price. As such companies should choose an embroidery design that can be reproduced with minimum variations of stitches making the finished product more cost-effective.

Using Multiple Colors Is Not More Expensive

Unlike screen printing, creating embroidered designs using several different colors does not increase the cost of the finished product. This ensures that companies can opt for more vibrant and colorful designs with the same budget as they might have allotted for single color or monochromatic designs. This further enhances the appeal of the custom apparel among the employees and customers of the organization.

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