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We all require motivation to improve our work. And whether you’re a pro marketer or a complete newbie, learning from the top email marketing campaigns can help you better your content.

However, finding good email marketing campaign examples is difficult because you often need to be subscribed to an email list. Finding a decent campaign can be tough even if you are subscribed because you are bombarded with automated newsletters every day. 

However, we’ve put up a list of some of the top email marketing campaign examples to help you plan your own.

Examples of Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

While email has survived the test of time, many marketers have neglected to change their strategy since it was first introduced. You must make sure that you’re sending modern emails that are worth some of your readers’ time and attention.

So, here is the collection of the best email marketing campaign examples to get you started on your next campaign.

ModCloth- Email Preference

Leading companies are constantly evolving to meet their customer’s expectations. But to break the deal, you have to do what your customers don’t expect, which is to be told about changes. As companies follow the same trend, doing something out of the box always works.

ModCloth’s email is one of a kind as it was refreshing, unexpected, not monotonous, and recipient-centric. When you are thinking of communicating with your lead or prospect, please give them a clear warning; thus, they can make any adjustment if they aren’t ready.

These emails always work because it makes the customers feel that the interaction is evolving and moving forward and that they have a choice to choose what is best for them.

RunKeeper- Re-Engagement Campaign

Email marketing is a great way to retain and regain your existing and lost customers. Emails have the power to bridge the gap between the brand and the customers by building a strong, meaningful relationship.

So thinking about this particular aspect, Runkeeper tries to catch up again with its almost lost and existing customers through a beautifully curated and informative email.

Runkeeper used phrases that made the emails not so rigid and more friendly in the email. In addition to this, they have highlighted all the recent changes made in their app, its benefits, and other specialties to persuade the customers to try the app again. 

Re-engagement emails are very effective because sending time to time emails to your customers makes them feel special and thoughtful. Also, making email-friendly is another way to make your customers feel different. 

For incorporating such email marketing campaigns, you can always ask for help from any professional. One can witness email marketing agency pricing being consistently slashed and affordable. 

Tory Burch- Promotion

Plain text emails are good, and there is no double email marketing agency prices at about that. Plain text emails are just like handwritten letters. But, do you know what to do to make your plain text email one of a kind? 

A little bit of graphics can do the work, as it did for Tory Burch. Tory Burch’s emails pop up from all the immobile emails in the prospect’s inbox. 

These emails make the prospects feel special, thought about, and catch their interest. And apart from this, you can leverage many benefits from these emails. 

Every business is busy sending their prospects the same types of emails following others, but sending just emails doesn’t help. Plain text emails can get boring, static, and impersonal. In contrast, animated emails set the difference, surprising the prospects without crossing the line, and thus, promotion through animated emails is always effective. 

Loft- Email Preferences

Loft through their emails, explain that they are aware of your inbox. Loft persuades its recipients to change their choices to provide a more personalized experience. This customer-focused email does an excellent job of making the prospects feel as if their likes, dislikes, and opinions are important.

Their campaign was successful because the slogan in the email and a low-friction Call-To-Action focused on the recipient’s needs. The language is straightforward and effective.

Litmus- Promotion

Animation is liked by everybody, not just kids, but adults too. A little bit of graphics in things can make something more interesting, and thus, a little graphics in a plain email body will catch many prospects’ interest. 

Promotional emails of Litmus are another example of not static, not boring, one-of-a-kind, and, more importantly, interesting emails. Animated emails catch every prospect’s eye and persuade them to take a deeper look at the content, even visit your web page. 

As we said earlier, promotion through animated emails always works. Everybody is fascinated by these differences, and thus, the right amount of animation in an email creates interest before the reader plunges into the rest of the content.


There is no doubt that these email marketing campaigns are amazing, and they are sufficient to fuel you with motivation and are full of ideas. Email marketing is a trending and most effective tactic that every business needs online. A well-curated campaign can leverage many benefits and opportunities for a business. 

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