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Photography has come a very long way from being a luxury of royal people to becoming a part of our daily life. The photography culture has now become a huge part of our modern society. And the reason is access to a good camera has become more affordable than ever. You no longer need to invest in high-end professional cameras to click high-quality. Create an app like Instagram or other social media app

Nowadays, every smartphone comes with cameras that one can use to take quality images and share them on social media. The craze of photography has become so massive because of social media platforms like Instagram. Now everyone can take professional-looking pictures and share them on Instagram.

Research says more than 80 million pictures a day are uploaded on Instagram daily. Instagram users like photos 3.5 billion times a day, and it has over 500 million active monthly users. 

While Instagram is the leader of photo-sharing platforms in the market, it does not mean there is no space for new contenders. If you want to develop a photo-sharing social media platform like Instagram and have some taste of its success, then you should use the top social media clone development platform.

How to develop an APP like Instagram from scratch?

Here is a 5-step development process of social media platforms like Instagram that you need to follow.

  1. Study of requirements phase: In this phase, the development company you will hire will sit down and write down all of your business plans, goals, and needs. Make sure they have all the details regarding your photo-sharing application. 

After providing them with all the details, the development company will devise a plan that will help them out in developing a customized application just as you prefer.

  1. Front-end designing: In the front-end development phase, the development company will design branding elements like User-interface, logo, color and ensure that they completely match your business tone. All the designs must be designed to provide the best User experience and seamless navigation through the app. So that users find your app simple, stylish and easy-to-use.
  1. Back-end development: This is the most difficult and time-consuming phase of all the development phases. Here the development company will develop the Interaction map for your users. 

This includes authorization, profile editing, different social features, photo customization, notification, searches, etc. It will take them 64 to 96 hours to design user experience features. The overall backend development phase will take around 400 to 650 hours. Developers can also use the top social media clone development platform that will facilitate the whole back-end development process and reduce overall development time.

  1. Testing: After all the development processes have been completed, the application goes to the testing phase. Here you will need to perform multiple quality checks to ensure if the app is ready for deployment.

The application needs to go through a series of testing processes that will let the developers know if there are any bugs present. You will also check whether the application is up to the mark and fulfilling all of your business needs or not.

The development team will fix the bugs and re-develop some parts as you want.

  1. Deployment: After taking all the security measures and quality checks, the application arrives at the deployment phase. This is the final phase where your photo-sharing social media application is ready to be launched. Make sure you let them use the top social media clone development platform for maximum outcome.

These are the required steps you need to follow to create a photo-sharing platform like Instagram.

Must-have features of the social application

You must include some of the most amazing features that I am mentioning below. It will help you provide your customer with the best user experience and gain popularity like Instagram.

  • Provide quick and easy signup or login option to the users. Give multiple signup options such as E-mail id, phone number, etc for seamless login.
  • Your users should be able to create and manage their profiles. Add sections where they can add profiler pictures, short bio, user name, etc.
  • Provide a personalized news feed to your users based on the people or pages they follow or like. Add like and comment sections in the posts.
  • There must be a section on your app where users can explore profiles of different people, businesses and discover the ones that match their preferences.
  • Let the users upload photos and videos. Include special sections where people can also add post descriptions, hashtags, locations, and options to tag other users as well. This will better your user experience.
  • Add an editing section where users can edit their photos and videos before uploading. Features to add filters, effects, saturation to the photos and videos should be present inside the upload section.
  • Add stories section where users will upload photos and videos that will automatically disappear in 24 hours. Users should get to choose who can view their stories. Use the top social media clone development platform to enable this feature.
  • Add real-time messaging features like Instagram where users can message their fellow users, send them photos, emojis, stickers, GIFs, etc.
  • Add block and report sections where users can block those people with whom they are not comfortable sharing their pictures. This feature will make you feel more secure.
  • Include sponsored posts where businesses can use your platform to promote their brand and increase visibility and brand recognition online. These sponsored posts will reach users’ feeds no matter if they follow or not.
  •  Live streaming is a feature that you must consider including. This feature will users to connect with their followers with a live video streaming facility. This feature is useful for brands as well.


The top social media clone development platform is easily customizable and you can use it to develop a photo-sharing application like Instagram. You must consider adding the important features I have mentioned above to provide the best user experience to users. I hope this article is helpful for you to develop a social media application like Instagram.

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