Everything You Need to Know Before Adding Cowboy Hats to Your Wardrobe

Cowboy Hats

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Since the very ancient time fashion is evolving while fulfilling all the requirements of humans. Among them, hats have always been a great source of attraction for men. While giving a cool and sporty look, it also helps to protect from direct sunlight and heat strokes. 

Hats are usually developed in areas of the hot and temperate zone. But nowadays technology has eliminated the purpose of wearing a hat, and now, it’s just a piece of clothing and fashion. And when it comes to fashion, cowboy hats always dominate the scene. 

Cowboy hats are no longer only for men. Women can also wear cowboy hats and carry them with full confidence. Whatever may be the occasion formal or informal these hats can be worn. All you need to do is just choose the right cowboy hat that suits your face and also choose the right pieces of outfits that go with it.

Cowboy hats almost go well with most of the outfits. Maybe formal shirt and trousers or an informal party dress it suits well and the best part after wearing it you need not put on many accessories to complete the look. But before understanding the fashion goals that you can set with cowboy hats you need to dive into some deeper knowledge about cowboy hats with this article.

What are cowboy hats?

Cowboy hats were first-ever introduced and designed by John B. Stetson in 1865. These are classy hats usually worn by farmers, agricultural laborers, etc. to protect them from direct sunlight while working.  Gradually, their function and original purpose fade away and now they are just for fashion and style.

These types of hats have a wide brim and protruding crown that fits reform itself after use and fits perfect to the wearer. Cowboy hats are usually worn by western countries especially Mexico. 

The fame and craze for this hat were skyrocketed when famous characters like sheriffs and cowboys were introduced to Cinemas and TV shows. They uplifted the popularity of cowboy hats from Mexico to all over the world whereas, masses from all continents find it pretty cool and stylish to add them in their fashion attire.

Types of cowboy hats 

There are different patterns and styles of cowboy hats that women can try on. Along with different colors these hats are available in different styles and fabrics. What to choose depends on which cowboy hat suits your facial look the best. So below is a description of some of the styles of cowboy hats that you should know. Have a look at them and expand your knowledge on the cowboy hats.

  1. The fedora – This womens cowboy hat has a teardrop crown with a curved brim. This teardrop crown in these types of hats intends on the top.
  2. The open crown – It has a loose crown and a simple flat brim.
  3. The gambler – This one is also known as a telescope; it has a low and flat crown with a simple brim.
  4. The Brick – It has a rectangular crown as well as a square-edged brim.
  5. The Gus- This one is very similar to that of a traditional one. The only difference is the crown in the Gus slopes forward. 

So, these were a few cowboy hats that you must try on. Apart from these also there are many options available that you will easily find out in the market. Remember cowboy hat is not a seasonal accessory. Whatever may be the season and occasion cowboy hats can always be a part of your looks.

Benefits of using cowboy hats

  1. Initially, cowboy hats were developed to protect from harsh weather. It always keeps a check that the wearer should be safe from high intensity and direct sunlight as well as from heat.
  2. Moreover, it is also useful in rain, snowfall, and cold. The wide elongated brim prevents the direct contact of rain and snow from the eyes of the wearer and hence, improves visibility to some extent.
  3. Cowboy hats are also used for fetching water from wells and deep-water sources. This helps the wearer to full fill the need for water for him/her or his/her horse.
  4. It is a great element of clothing and fashion that reflects your fashion sense. Even in modern days, it is still in use and a wide range of population still admires it.

So, this was all about the cowboy hats. If you are also looking for a cowboy hat, you can choose from a wide variety of options. You either buy them in leather or straws. One can easily buy these cool hats online or in an offline market. So don’t wait anymore. Since now you know that most cowboy hats go and try one for yourself. Wish you a happy styling with the cowboy hats.

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