Cloud Computing in Education: Facts and Advantages

Cloud Computing in Education

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We hear the words’ Cloud solution’ everywhere. After the quarantine changes, a lot of small companies, services, and government institutions stopped working from the office and used clouds to share documents and update the information for each other immediately. It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, but it is a reality that we live in. Such change also affected education. This sphere was already prepared for the situation if we were talking about higher education and online courses. Schools were not ready because their goal was also to raise a child but not only give him information for studying. Anyway, schools were forced to open cloud computing and change all the processes because interruption of studies is unacceptable. What did we get as a result? Digitized education at all levels leads to good and bad effects at the same time. But let’s discuss the facts and advantages of cloud computing in education and analyze facilities that it opened to the whole world.

Reducing software and hardware costs

Schools and universities had to buy such property as servers, computers, and necessary software. Sometimes it unpredictably could break up or stop working. A new server is an expensive thing, so some schools didn’t change them for a long time, so students and teachers were forced to work with slow programs that are hopelessly behind modern IT technologies. Thanks to cloud computing, all these problems were fixed. Standard monthly payment is a great possibility to fix all the problems above. At the same time, it doesn’t require new hardware for users. So teachers and students who have old laptops at home don’t need to update them. They need only a good internet connection, and the quality of studying will be the same as owners of the powerful computers have.

Promoting remote work and studies 

For those who live far away from the place of studying and need to spend hours to get there, it is a great solution. Thanks to cloud computing, everybody got in the same position about time management for preparations and free time. Let’s not forget about the small villages without schools and public transport connections. These children must pass huge distances every day to join their classmates. Cloud computing gave them a chance to sleep more and spend time with family instead of long daily trips. People with disabilities (permanent or temporary) only get benefits from the current situation. Thanks to cloud computing, their knowledge has the same quality as all other students have, so they can enter universities without any fear.

Precise planning with cloud computing 

As far as all studying documents are online, nobody needs to prepare classes or homework at the studying place or library during their working hours. For those who prefer to work at night, cloud computing opens new horizons so you can choose a personal productive time and do what you need. Talking about the general planning of lectures, they become more open, predictable, and flexible. Private and general online scheduling is a perfect instrument for managing the education system. Online discussions during classes that don’t interrupt the teacher are also perfect because they give the possibility to share thoughts while analyzing new materials and respect lecturers’ timing and planning.


You don’t need to add square meters if more students entered the same school or university. All of them have the same access, so the first and last school desks disappear as a concept. Sure it is not the same for the teacher to support ten or a hundred students and then check their exams, but for the system, the task is similar. We shouldn’t forget this aspect but need to understand the opportunities it opens up. Still, online learning where children get a little less personal attention than they need can cause a minor crisis in dealing with homework assignments. If you are one of those students who need to have more profound offline classes to succeed, this time has not been very easy for you. Should you have difficulties with your STEM assignments, address an expert homework service — myassignmentlab to get your assignments done for money. This way, you will delegate some of the most urgent tasks and have time to work on other assignments. Plan your academic load carefully. 

Joint/Group projects

Thanks to cloud computing, it became a reality to create an environment where teachers, students, and parents collaborate at the same time. The emergence of such spaces stimulates engagement of all sides and helps with quality and quick feedback. Thanks to clouds, the diversity of joint work in different groups became an integral part of the studying process.

Access to Education

Cloud computing strongly helps to ensure access to education in regions that didn’t have much educational force before. Cloud computing reduces costs, as it was said earlier, and with the help of government, private and charitable organizations, it makes this world a better place. Teachers from the best schools can teach new teachers across the globe, and share materials fast and efficiently. Students from across the globe can attend the same lessons, making inequality in access to good education at least a bit less striking.

For those who use outdated technologies, this step seems hard and almost impossible, but it’s worth it. Cloud computing fastly becoming a standard in education, and there is no chance to stop it. There are only two possible problems that we discovered about this topic. The first one is a high dependence on internet providers. The speed and quality of connection that they assure is not always corresponding to real values. The second is that you need to choose a cloud service provider and work with him. It is not so easy to change the platform or provider itself if you already started to work with the product. It happens because you don’t have full control over the system setups, updates, infrastructure, and other functions. 

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