Best Strategy for Mobile Application Testing

Strategy for Mobile Application Testing

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Mobile application testing is the process through which developers test the functionality and performance of applications. For instance, this can be achieved through the help of app developers in India. Ideally, when the customers are dissatisfied with the mobile app performance, they will completely abandon the apps never to use it again. This, therefore, calls for implementation of the following strategy mobile application testing to achieve performance efficiency required by the users.

QA Tester and Software Development Cycle

For the whole testing process to be a success, it is mandatory to involve the testers from the requirement to the last phase, which is the release of the new application. This will enable the app developers in India, for instance, to have an understanding of the whole process and resources needed and the expectations of the users upfront.

Define test scripts from the requirements phase.

Test scripts or test cases are critical for the overall success of any QA strategy. As you are improving a mobile flow or releasing a new piece of functionality, it is essential that you clear and detailed documentation to the QA tester. This ensures testing is done logically and systematically.

Unit testing

Unit testing is the practice of testing various functions of the code developed and is usually done by the developers from either software development in India or custom app development company in India. A unit is the smallest testable part of an application, which is the function, a module, or a class that is under testing. Most of the app development companies in India, for instance, have started investing in automated unit testing tools, but the manual process remains the culture.

Functional Testing

This phase focuses majorly on the functionality of the application with ease and no errors. Therefore, functional testing is aimed to ensure everything is working as per the defined requirements. Check if the application does the standard functions, which are typically described in the requirement or correspond to the logic of business processes.

Mobile-specific testing strategies:


This is commonly used to test mobile applications before it is presented to the actual users of the applications. The web development in India can also use it as it is cost-effective.

Actual Devices

You can use an actual device to test applications to check on their compatibility. And this provides the real testing environment and best functional and NFR coverage.

Crowdsourced Testing

This is one of the emerging trends emanating from software testing, which influences the benefits of crowdsourcing and cloud platform. Crowdsourced testing is carried out by different testers from various locations. For example, you can hire web developers in India to cover that location, and web programmers in India too can be of importance in the course.

Bottom Line

Many business ventures today function with a mobile application. According to a research done by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the implementation of test automation will improve through the growth of mobile applications. Mobile application testing is an essential process to ensure the satisfaction of the users in the market. The strategies highlighted above contributes significantly to the course. 

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