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Instagram Travel Influencer

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Travel accounts on Instagram, both personal and business, have not only inspired people from all over the globe to pack their bags and explore new worlds but also a legion of armchair travelers to revel in experiences from exotic places. Many of these travel enthusiasts have such a dedicated following that they are hunted down by travel and lifestyle brands for product endorsements. For the effort of traveling the world and creating stunning travel content, not only do get free travel gear, photography equipment, and paid-for trips to gorgeous destinations but also loads of cash. If this is a life you get used to, then read on to know the secrets of how you can become an Instagram travel influencer.

Construct a Smart Username 

Adopting a short and sweet username, preferably your own combined with something to do with travel, can be an advantage in the world of Instagram. A catchy but simple to pronounce name is easier for users to remember and use. Even though you may be tempted to use a fancy name, it is best to avoid deliberate misspellings and symbols that can confuse users. It helps greatly if you use the same username across all your touchpoints in the digital world. Being consistent will allow your users to transition seamlessly between your Instagram account and your blog, website, or Facebook page. If you can include your name in some way into your username, it can make your brand more personal, authentic, and memorable.

Be the Person You Are

The world of Instagram is full of travel influencers but that should not worry you as there are lots of ways in which you can make your account distinctive. In addition to selecting a travel niche to focus on, you should allow your personality to shine through in whatever you do on your account. If you have strong likes or dislikes, there is no reason for you to try to sweep them under the carpet for fear of alienating some of your potential followers. It can be a very good idea to allow the cross-pollination of your passions so that the result is uniquely you, and distinctive from the content of the rest of the travel bloggers on Instagram. It is natural for you to make a slow beginning; however, you need to keep in mind that you can easily buy 20 Instagram likes for a pittance to set the ball rolling.

Learn the Techniques of Taking Good Photos

Instagram users are accustomed to seeing very high-quality photos. So intense is the competition for eyeballs that many travel brands rely only on professional photographers to generate outstanding photos and videos. It is important not to despair about not having the money to buy professional photography equipment because your smartphone should be more than adequate for taking awesome images. If you must spend money, it is better to invest it in taking a photography course that will teach you how to compose your shots for the best effect and then edit them to enhance their appeal. There are also lots of free resources online that you can use to master photography and editing techniques. According to a report in U.S. News, by installing apps on your smartphone, you can easily avoid the need for expensive photo-editing equipment and software. The real test of a good photograph is that it should make the viewer want to visit that place to experience the magic.

Engage Your Instagram Audience 

Your success as an influencer depends on two factors- the number of your followers and the rate of your engagement. While the good thing is that you do not have to wait till you have millions of followers to become a instagram travel influencer. You can become a nano-influencer with just a few thousand followers but what brands will invariably look at is your rate of engagement and the quality of your interaction. Posting interesting photos of your destinations and travel experiences is just one aspect, engaging and interacting with them is a vital aspect. While you must respond promptly and sensibly to all the comments by your followers, you should also try to encourage them to interact with you by asking questions regarding their travel experiences. You must take the time and the effort to interact with your audience because the engagement can make you look authentic and approachable. More than just photos, it is your travel experience that your users want to know, so go ahead and give the tips on finding cheap flights, the best accommodation on a tight budget, how to get around, what to be on the alert for, and more.


There is no end to the list of travel destinations and as a perceptive travel blogger and influencer you can fire the imagination of your target audiences by carefully planning your content. Make sure your post is not only high-quality but offers a unique perspective distinct from the competition.

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