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Artificial intelligence tools: Capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) are quite extensive and as of right now, hardly anyone has tapped into them completely. In fact, professionals and AI Developers have only tapped around 25% of AI’s proficiencies. 

It is estimated that by the year 2030, AI will contribute around USD$ 15.7 trillion to the global economy. This would make it one of the world’s leading opportunities for business.

Adding AI in both the initial and continuous development of any mobile app is important. Making use of the smaller subsets of AI like expert systems and machine learning. Machine learning provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without having to get directly programmed to do so.

Expert systems are similar in a way that they use AI to copy the judgment and behavior a human being has, using expert knowledge in a specific field. As determined by experts from a mobile app development company in Winnipeg, here are some tools based on AI that can improve mobile apps on a large scale.

AI offers Enhanced Security to mobile apps

Any app collecting user data requires a robust data security strategy in order to build that initial sense of trust in the user base. Users must always feel comfortable about any shared data safe from the prying hands of cyber criminals or other criminals involved. In fact, cyber security within the application is crucial to safety of the app users’ data.

As a matter of face, web apps and other web-exposed apps are the top cause of data breaches around the world. Depending on the web app’s popularity, thousands (and possibly millions) of users could have their data breached if the security is not robust.

It does not matter how popular or secure the app seems to be because if there is information hackers want to steal then they will try to find a way in the app and its database. This was exhibited in the May 2019 hacking of the popular food-delivery service DoorDash, as approximately 5 million accounts of employees and customers alike were hacked back then. This led to the app falling down from grace.

Driver’s license, driver’s license number, home addresses, credit card numbers and national ID numbers are just a few examples of personal information extracted by hackers before any company under cyber-attacks could cut off access to such information at the right time.

Applying artificial intelligence tools in the previously existing cyber-security patch can enhance the capabilities which are already in place. App security helps cover web client security on mobile apps across all areas of the security development lifecycle.

AI techniques like expert systems and machine learning can be used in improving that app’s security to identify and forecast security threats and vulnerabilities. The objective is to hence resolve or prevent such issues before they are able to take place.

AI helps optimize search in smartphones

WHen Artificial Intelligence (AI – Artificial Intelligence tools) into an app’s search features, it can help optimize the search process for mobile users. The search process, suggestion features, spelling corrections and voice search can be innovated on a greater scale with AI’s addition.

Through machine learning, in-app search results can be more relevant in contextual terms to users through algorithms the bot adopts and undergoes. This indicates the fact that as something is searched thoroughly and repeatedly by a lot of different users, the bot learns it and recommends this search query to others who search for it. 

This can also be utilized in gathering user data to add more improvements to the application’s user-friendly nature. It even adds more to the numerous app ideas present.

In addition to advanced search, app development teams and firms can implement voice search in their apps to increase its performance. This will allow users to search for a product or ask a question through voice commands either through a tap on the screen or through a simple voice command.

This hence is not only instrumental in reducing the time it takes for users to search for something, through making the process efficient but it also helps increase accessibility for users having physical limitations (i.e. users who are visually, verbally or hearing impaired).

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