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Building an AR app for your venture may sound exciting, but there needs to be a lot of homework done before you can even begin to expect positive results. To start with, there have been quite a few developments in this field since it was first brought into mainstream reality.

Modern applications today are being built by several tools created especially for AR VR app development. Therefore, you may have to learn more about this technology and its applications to make better decisions about incorporating it into your business strategy.

In the meantime, many development companies are catching up, building their expertise with one impressive software customization after another. The increasing number of companies in this field poses certain challenges. It can become a headache to explore and deduce whether the one you choose will be able to take on your specific requirements.

A focus on AR app development companies capable of handling the most complex of projects will save you time and get your requirements met quickly.

USA’s Best AR App Development Companies to Consider

The companies below have made a name in the field of AR VR app development 

  1. AppsChopper

AppsChopper is one of the first names to consider when you begin searching for an AR app development company with proven experience in augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. The company was founded in 2011 and has expanded its services to include 3D projects and metaverses.

It has developed its focus on complex, interactive projects and is capable of building high-end immersive apps for top industries, such as healthcare, education, entertainment, and social networking. AppsChopper can also create designs that enable its clients to explore new frontiers with its unique understanding of AR and VR specifics.

Some Industries servedeCommerce, Education, Healthcare, Finance, Social Networking
ServicesAugmented and Virtual Reality App Development, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Testing, Consulting
Headquarters LocationNew York
  1. Lucid Reality Labs

This firm was founded in 2016 to build AR and VR products for startups. It has served over 40 clients since its founding, with end-to-end app development on all major platforms. Lucid Reality Labs has also worked on projects that required talented 3D artists to bring R&D enterprise solutions to life. Its team helps with early product decisions and high-level consultancy in multiple industries, including architecture, gaming, agrotech, advertising, and education.

Some Industries servedHealthcare, Education, Entertainment, E-commerce
ServicesAR and VR Simulations, Web AR, XR Remote Collaboration, UI/UX Design, Digital Twins, 3D Modeling and Animation
Headquarters LocationMiami, Florida
  1. CXR.Agency

An AR app and full-stack software development company, CXR.Agency helps its clients develop scalable digital solutions through flexible and experienced services. This company is known for its custom software development, web development, and IT staff augmentation. 

Some of its work includes XR development for eCommerce and building web-AR portals for hospitality businesses. Its immersive learning and training apps have helped clients provide valuable training methods with enhanced growth.

Some Industries servedIT Security, Travel, Finance, Retail, Media, MedTech
ServicesBranding and UI/UX Design, 3D and Immersive Design, iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter App Development, Extended Reality, Game Development
Headquarters LocationBrooklyn, New York
  1. PlatformXR

Delivering custom immersive solutions is the need of the hour, and PlatformXR creates them with full utilization of the technologies involved. It offers a talented development team with experience working with various industries, such as manufacturing and real estate. Its social media and web use cases have been applied by clients to link their online stores through new channels of engagement. 

Some Industries servedEducation, Engagement and Trade Shows, Social Media, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Construction, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Retail
ServicesAR VR App Development, Mobile App Development, VR Showcase Design and Development, Web Development
Headquarters LocationPortland, Oregon
  1. Saritasa

Although this company is a well-known player in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality, its expertise extends across mixed reality solutions as well. It has a team capable of building unique experiences with an emphasis on quality. Other technologies it has worked on include the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Machine Learning.

Some Industries servedLife Sciences, Automotive, Restaurant, Sports, Technology, Transportation, Legal, Insurance, Lifestyle
ServicesMobile and Web App Development, AR VR App Development, Databases, IoT Solutions, Code Takeover, DevOps
Headquarters LocationNewport Beach, California
  1. Groove Jones

This company is another leading AR and XR app development agency with a team of exceptional professionals who produce creative solutions for commercial brands. It has created a name for itself through a list of services, including strategic consulting, enterprise app development, mobile platform AR, and Real-time render engine app development. 

Some Industries servedMedia and Television, Games, B2B, Science and Technology, Packaging, Retail, Sports
ServicesAugmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Extended Reality, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Camera AR Lens and Photo Filters for Social Platforms, CGI and Animation, Motion Capture
Headquarters LocationDallas, Texas
  1. Shockoe

Shockoe has been making shockwaves since its inception in 2010. It is known for its immersive, award-winning digital experiences for mobiles, wearables, and Web3. It has a diverse team that can create solutions with an eye on changing trends. 

Some Industries servedeCommerce, Automobiles, Education, Healthcare, Travel
ServicesStrategy, Design, Development, Analytics, Growth Marketing, Wearable Apps
Headquarters LocationPittsylvania, Virginia
  1. FS Studio

FS Studio makes this list due to its contributions to the AR field. It is an expert in tools like Unreal and Unity, using which it has built an impressive portfolio of custom solutions. Its work has received glowing reviews from clients in many areas of the country for its effective, seamless flow.

Some Industries servedTelecommunication, Automobiles, IT Security, Social Media
ServicesArtificial Intelligence, AR/VR, EdTech, Retail, Industrial Safety
Headquarters LocationBroomfield, Colorado
  1. Queppelin

Queppelin has been a favorite among businesses for its systematic approach to solving the most complex business problems. This company also provides custom development for IoT and web development, with expertise in technologies such as Python, PHP, Swift, and Laravel. Its work on mobile app development often involves the use of advanced technologies, such as VR, Artificial Intelligence, and Metaverse, to build immersive experiences.

Some Industries servedeCommerce, Travel and Tourism, Automobiles, Entertainment, Technology, FinTech
ServicesVision Pro Development, Blockchain Development, 3D Services, Game Development, Metaverse Development, SaaS Development
Headquarters LocationNew York, New York
  1. Visartech Inc.

Visartech is another valuable addition to this list as one of the USA’s leaders in AR app development. Its portfolio is something to boast about as an expert in multiple custom software development services. These include MVP development, Data Science, Machine Learning, DevOps, 3D modeling, and Artificial Intelligence. Visartech Inc. worked on its first project in 2010 with a handful of professionals. Today, it has a staff of over 250 individuals who contribute toward the company’s reliability and large experience.

Some Industries servedRetail, Real Estate, E-commerce, IT,  Telecommunication, EdTech, Social Networking
ServicesInteractive App Development, Simulations and Virtual Training Apps, AR/VR/MR App Development, Game Prototyping and Monetization
Headquarters LocationDover, Delaware


The top 10 AR app development companies mentioned above are all well-established and have experience serving multiple industries. A look at each portfolio will help you decide whether the companies you are considering will work well as your technology partners. We also recommend consulting with the ones that match the expertise you need before proceeding.

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