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HR specialists sometimes are funnily considered as life-saving people, strange it may sound. They decide whether one person is hired or not. However, all jokes aside, it is a serious occupation that requires much patience, and a pot of nerves. Let’s learn deeper how the HR department works, and what the key responsibilities are.

The Structure of the HR Department

When it comes to the HR department structure, there are so many divisions one does not have an idea about. Alongside the HR director and managers, there are recruiters, compensation specialists, training managers as well as health & safety trainers among others. Each person is responsible for their sole tasks. One may work on building a sound relationship between teams, while others may focus their time on one or another mock interview. The latter one is a practice to test an interview process to hire the best specialist possible.

If you think that all the work is done only manually, it is partially true. Nowadays, HR specialists have virtual assistants including:

  • They work through designated HR platforms. For instance, they may have their own built CRM-like software where they manage their tasks. Otherwise, they turn to online platforms that facilitate the recruitment processes;
  • They obligatorily work with such websites as LinkedIn. Most applicants create accounts there and apply for available vacancies just in a few clicks;
  • HR specialists rely on other career portals including talenteria that help them build successful and talented teams.

After finding a group of potential employees, or one specific professional, a person is then invited for the interview. It may be an interview with a recruiter and then one department’s responsible person. For instance, when hiring a restaurant employee, a candidate will first discuss all terms with a recruiter, and then will be redirected to the restaurant manager. It varies among all companies.

What Are the Main Responsibilities of the HR Department?

They again may vary. However, the main target is to find an ideal candidate to fill a vacancy. After that, a recruiter or HR manager has to accomplish several additional tasks including:

  • Ensure to meet the candidate’s needs and preferences regarding the salary and benefits;
  • Overlook one’s onboarding. A candidate should feel safe and respected with their new team;
  • Submit salary statements per each employee to the financial department;
  • Provide an employee with all necessary gadgets or tools for performing their duties.

Beyond that, an HR specialist is a mediator that can solve an employee’s concerns and problems. For example, an employee feels sick and requires urgent treatments. Their HR coordinator should go the extra mile showing that the company cares about them, and will provide them with insurance, or other coverage of treatment cost.

All in all, working of the HR department is complex. They daily receive a number of CVs, applications through their recruiting platforms. Beyond that, they should always undergo certain training to meet the latest industry standards. Yet, if the company has good Career portals, a workload is minimized drastically.

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