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Technology Trends

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The digital network proved to be a game-changer. The pandemic not only changed our lives but our work culture as well. In the heat of it all, it gave birth to innovations and technology trends.

There’s no denying it: Technology is evolving at light’s speed, and we have adopted much of everything in the past few years. The proof is all around us. We have smart devices and assistants that are running on ML and AL. Today we have high-tech vehicles, and our smartphones have cutting-edge communication software. We now have access to invincible computational power – we’ve come a long way!

As industries worldwide capitalize on innovations and risk antipathies – can be the year we witness a rise in new technologies. Here, we tend to look at a few technologies and trends that will rule.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been around for a few years. This technology is the king of the IT world. It is influencing how we work, live, and play. According to the Gartner report, 37% of businesses have incorporated Artificial Intelligence in their agendas in the past four years. It is an incredible 270% expansion in its implementations worldwide in such a short period.

Not just this, Artificial Intelligence is comprised of different elements, and each part has additionally grown. For instance, Human Logic, Machine Learning, and so on. When you dive deeper into these elements, you will realize that AI technology is in every corner.

Furthermore, it is safe to say that AI is shaping the tech industry globally. Therefore, it gets a spot in the list of future technology trends. As indicated by reports, AI will make around 59 million new openings and ahead. It is an impressive number that is offering occupational opportunities to businesses. So, as a thriving entrepreneur, if you want to fit in this ever-evolving world of technology, a masters in IT would suffice. With this degree, you can adopt a forward-thinking attitude and learn the necessary skills required to handle intricate IT tasks.

5G Will Go Mainstream

The term “5G” has received a lot of hype over the past few years. However, in 2021, it may go mainstream. Since remote work, videoconferencing, digital collaboration is becoming a massive part of our lives, the need for a fast and consistent connection has become super-important. According to a reliable estimation, there will be more than 1 billion active 5G users, which means a significant annual growth rate.

The development of 5G technology will drastically change multiple industries’ dynamics. Businesses playing with tools like IoT, AI, and customer data platforms will gain the most profit, leading to improved preferences, behaviors, and insight into customer requirements.

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Cloud-Based Sharing

No doubt, cloud-based software has captured the marketers by storm. 90% of businesses are now cloud-based. The stat demonstrates how integral and beneficial cloud-based technologies are. Other than that, 60% of work is executed on cloud-based networks. In 2021, cloud-based technology will blossom for its many benefits: less latency, lower cost of data, and physical proximity. Therefore, it’s easy to predict that cloud distribution will be the new future.


Until a decade ago, the idea of virtual matches, sports, and online gaming was hard to comprehend. The recent years and the pandemic resulted in an expanding market of e-sports – expected to exceed $1.5 billion.

When the pandemic fell on us (like a ball of fire), 1/3 of the online consumer subscribed to virtual sports boulevards. A flux of digital users recorded on cloud gaming, the virtual sports portal, and video gaming. Online video games are the best source of entertainment and the most favorite hobby for young consumers. Gen Z and millennial customers are persuading E-sports more than ever now!

Customer Data Platforms

We have witnessed a tremendous rise in the adoption, development, and admiration of customer data platforms (CDP). Since enterprises could not take advantage of the scrappy data scattered across unknown places, they demanded well-curated data on a single platform. After all, many studies predict that companies lose around $4 trillion due to terrible data management.

In making the right data-backed decisions to assist modern enterprises, customer data platforms help solve the issue by collecting information from various sources. Later on, the platform organizes the data, labels it, and makes it practical for decision-makers. Indeed, will notice a further rise in CDPs’ popularity and adoption.


Technological trends pop up every year. However, keeping up with these technology trends can be a tedious task. But staying on top of every technical movement has its perks. For one, they offer you an idea about the applications that will potentially take the industry by storm. And two, they give you an upper edge when it comes to getting around these new technological adjustments.

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