7 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Working And What Are The Solutions

air conditioner is not working

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Why air conditioner is not working, We all need air conditioners in our houses. It is difficult to imagine long hot summer days without the comfort provided by air conditioning systems. If in the middle of a hot day, an AC breakdown occurs, you would definitely seek quick, same-day solutions. Read this if you often want air conditioning repair San Diego company services because you are frequently facing AC problems. 

If air conditioner is not working, You might be able to solve some problems on your own, especially if it is about cleaning filters or getting them replaced. All AC troubles are not, however, of the kind that a Do-It-Yourself manual or video could address effectively and in a risk-free manner. Nevertheless, it is better to stay informed about the common issues that could occur with any brand or make of air conditioner system. 

Here are seven common reasons why your air conditioner is not working. The probable solutions are also indicated. 

  1. Low Levels of Refrigerant: The refrigerant is the substance that is used in the air conditioner to eliminate the heat and humidity from the air. Now, if there is not the required quantity of refrigerant in your air conditioner, then you would face poor cooling issues. 

Solution: The source of refrigerant leaks need to be found out and the hole or holes in the lines need to be repaired. This can be a costly and time-taking process, especially when there are multiple leaks. Do not compromise on the quality of repairs by hiring a technician based only on the hourly rates. Find a company offering the best air conditioning repair in San Diego.

  1. Frozen Evaporator Coils: The evaporator coils are filled up with the refrigerant and act like a sponge to absorb the heat from the surrounding air. These coils need a circulation of warm air around them to function properly.

Solution: When something goes wrong with the airflow around the coil and the evaporator coils get too cold, a layer of frost is developed on these coils. Such issues result in the emission of hot air or no air at all. For the coils to work properly, it is essential to ensure proper supply of air around the coil.

3.    Dirty Condenser Coils: The condenser coils are a part of the outdoor unit that expel the hot air from the inside to the outside of the building. With the constant exposure to dust and heat in the exterior, the coil develops a layer of dirt on its surface. When the dust thickens, an extra amount of pressure is exerted on the AC unit, and this may cause damage to the machine.

Solution: Proper maintenance and regular tune-ups ensure the cleanliness of the coils. Check the exterior parts from time to time to see everything is fine.

4.   Problems Related to Fans: There are two types of fans in the air conditioners. One helps in blowing the indoor air over the evaporator coils of the unit so that the air can be cooled. There is another fan that helps in blowing the air over the condenser of the outdoor unit to expel hot air outside the building. 

Solution : The damage to these fans can cause a problem in the flow of the air and also to the air conditioner. If these get damaged by any means, thoroughly check the faults in the motor, which might probably not be lubricated, and the accumulation of dirt and debris on the surfaces. Regular AC service or maintenance could easily help prevent such issues. 

5. Leaking Ducts: The network of ducts carries cooled air from the air conditioning unit to the surrounding space or room. If there are holes in the ducts, cold air leaks from the ducts, exerting a large amount of pressure on the air conditioner, increasing the energy use, and subsequently your energy bills. 

Solution : The ducts should be protected from pests and adequate care taken to prevent the accumulation of debris or dirt. To solve such issues, always call a reliable professional. Get services from the best air conditioning repair San Diego company for preventive maintenance. 

6. Problems related to the Thermostat: AC units with old thermostats, the dial type ones, often face thermostat issues. Many times, such thermostats are getting calibrated incorrectly, affecting the proper functioning of the AC unit.

Solution : These can be easily replaced or re-calibrated so that they can work efficiently.

Another thermostat problem: With the AC units that have new programmable thermostats, problems occur when users are faced with tricky setting options for programs. When the settings are incorrect, thermostat issues occur. 

Solution: The settings should be properly checked and corrected in case of mistakes. You could get a professional to explain everything through a demo when such an AC unit is installed.

7 Clogging of the Drains: The entire moisture that is removed from the air needs to be dumped somewhere. The moisture from the air travels through a line and is released into the drain. 

If the drain gets clogged and the moisture is not able to pass through, you might find water backing up and seeping through to cause damage to the AC unit. A slow and silent leak often damages the wall and ceiling. If the water starts dripping, furnishings get wet and the presence of excess moisture could lead to mold growth. 

Solution :

If air conditioner is not working, Do regular checks on the drains and keep them constantly cleaned and circulating so that no clogging takes place. Getting an AC tune-up done as mentioned in your user manual could prevent such issues from happening. 

The company offering the best air conditioning repair in San Diego will help you choose an AC system that best meets your convenience and preferences. But before buying one, let the technician tell you about the pros and cons of the AC units. What are the issues that are common to the model, and what care should be taken to prevent them or quickly identify them? 

A service provider known for the best air conditioning repair in San Diego should have a 24/7 emergency service availability. When you are faced with a problem that needs urgent repairs, you do not have to run around finding a technician at late or early hours.

For the longevity of your AC unit, be aware of potential problems and solutions.

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