7 Benefits of Using Microsoft 365 Suite For Your Business

benefits of microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365 is a software suite used by companies all over the world. By implementing it, you’ll see tons of benefits, improving overall performance. Here are a few reasons to start using their platform today.

1. Data Loss Protection

As a business, data protection is a crucial aspect of daily operations. If you were losing data from customers often, they wouldn’t trust you with their stuff. As a result, you would start losing business from them right away. That’s why so many companies have used Microsoft’s tools to protect their data.

Azure Active Directory has a ton of useful features for these purposes. So, you don’t have to rely on someone at your company to protect everything, either. Instead of letting them handle it, you could trust a dedicated team of specialists.

2. Cloud-Based Infrastructure

The Microsoft Cloud App has seen widespread implementation since its release. Now, there are many companies taking advantage of the platform’s features.

So, if you haven’t swapped to their service yet, it may be worthwhile. If an unauthorized person tried accessing your data, you would notify the system. That way, you don’t have to worry about anything being comprised after it’s stored on your servers.

Also, you can access anything you’ve uploaded from anywhere with an internet connection. So, it won’t be hard to find something on there if you need to find it.

3. Threat Identification and Protection

Windows Defender can quickly assess potential threats and implement countermeasures. As such, your company shouldn’t have as many issues once it’s using its platform.

If you’ve had problems with data security in the past, check out what they’ve done. Since Microsoft has advanced threat detection, few things are beyond their defenses. Plus, when something has made it past them, Microsoft’s security features deal with it fast.

4. Critical Data Management

The Azure Security Center provides a detailed overview of your organization’s data. So, if there’s a threat out there waiting, you’ll see it right away.

Plus, a qualified company can manage threat detection, taking more off your shoulders. That’s part of what’s made Microsoft’s platform so popular among business owners, too.

Once your company has finished working with a client, upload their data to the cloud. Then, it’ll have all the protection offered by Microsoft’s cloud servers as well. At that point, hardly anyone could penetrate your defenses.

5. Maintain Up-to-Date Security Protocols

Windows Defender has an automatic update scheduling system. So, if you need to update the software used by the company, it’s straightforward. It’ll happen automatically as long as you haven’t changed the settings.

Microsoft will send notifications once updates release, and your computers will receive them. Then, they’ll begin downloading whatever was released. Usually, you can schedule updates to happen while the company is closed.

6. Software Suites Deployed at Scale

Giving the entire workforce access to a software suite can be powerful. But, it hasn’t always been an easy task to accomplish. Thankfully, it’s gotten much more manageable since Microsoft 365 was released.

Plus, you could hire Microsoft 365 managed services. Then, you’ll have a dedicated team to handle everything else. So, your company won’t have to do as much on its own anymore. Once you’ve bought a license, anyone at your company can access it, too.

7. Data Encryption and Backup

Automated encryption is part of what makes Microsoft 365 great. Since it encrypts everything automatically, you don’t have to think about it. As such, you’ll have less on your mind, freeing up mental resources.

Instead, you’ll see a considerable boost to the company’s security as soon as it’s been implemented. From there, you can use the backup tools to enhance security further. So, nothing will threaten the company, and you can rest easy.

Why Your Business Should Be Using Microsoft 365

Running a successful company depends on a variety of tools. But, one of the best things to use is Microsoft’s software suite. Since you can buy a license online, it’s not hard to implement. Plus, dedicated teams could help you put it into action at your place of business.

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