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Change is the only constant to succeed with your digital venture. With the evolving technological trends, it is very much necessary to abide by the changing tech surroundings. Whether you are planning for a mobile app or web app, one needs to be extra cautious with every development decision keeping the futuristic scope in mind.

To maintain an online venture, you definitely need an ever-evolving framework like PHP. In the recent times, PHP has been into the limelight because of Laravel. It has become the talk-of-the-town tech advancement as it provides an unparalleled immersive and engaging experience to its users. 

There are over 688,027 live website currently using laravel-insane, isn’t it? How can a framework be so popular in just an over a decade’s time? The 2011 innovation by Taylor Otwell has set some ground rules of developing the best laravel application. It is a simple, flexible, easy-to-use advancement with MVC architecture at its base. 

Being a PHP tech stack, Laravel offers varied tools and libraries to empower a developer’s web app. It helps in creating well-customized solution with intricate features and functionalities. The laravel development services are curated to meet every business requirement in a stipulated time frame.

Here are some of the reasons that gains an extra point for laravel in the web app development world. And, to ace your development skills or a laravel-driven project you need to keep these in mind & make an apt use of these necessary integrations. 

6 Reasons to Use Laravel for Your Web Development

#1 Strong architecture- MVC

Model-View-Controller (MVC) is the most popular architecture design pattern. With the evolution of PHP, there is a significant change in MVC too. The primary purpose of the tech advancement is to separate model view of a viewer to the business logic view running in the background. Such a tactic splits up the data associated with web app into logical files. 

A developer easily locates a required file in a large project with such a file distinction. When any requirement is targeted from a user viewpoint, the laravel programmer easily makes changes in the views without affecting the model and scales web app without any hindrance to the online business. 

With Laravel, you can quickly build, delete, and redo databases without having to run a SQL query or log into a console, which contributes to excellent database administration. Through ongoing table construction and updating, it also supports the work of the data maintenance team.

#2 Handles increasing traffic

Everyone wants a seamless running web application or website at the time of heavy online traffic. No one can afford an outfall of customers at such a time. Instead of losing customers and coping up with traffic load, screen freeze, crashes, and data loss, try to cling on your solution. 

With laravel, you get a message queue system that balances the load. It makes traffic management effective by providing unique API across the queue backgrounds. These queues help in putting off a time-consuming task, increasing the speed of web requests. Thus, the web server works in an agile environment.

#3 Automated task scheduler

A task scheduling system is necessary for any online programme in order to automate tasks as needed. To speed up online apps, you may, for instance, send subscribers emails, warn app users, or simply wipe out databases.

Web developers used to create a Cron entry for each action they wanted to schedule. With Laravel’s automatic command scheduler, one may quickly and expressively build command schedule within the Laravel framework itself with just one Cron entry required on the server. This Laravel framework feature not only improves your online application’s efficiency and speed, but is also cost-effective when it comes to hosting.

#4 Mail integration

A modern web app consists of an in-build mail service. To engage with customers on daily basis, on every action, one needs an email alert. Laravel provides Swiftmailer that allows simpler and clear API setup for unique email accounts.

Using a local or cloud-based services, laravel offers several drivers to send quick messages. SparkPost, Amazon SES, Sendmail, are a few popular examples. Thus, laravel provides a great communication channel to its web solutions.

#5 App security

In today’s digital age, security of data in an online business is a must. The primary objective of every venture is to protect the company and user data from cyber attacks. Laravel protects your data with the use of ‘Guards’ and ‘Providers.’ A user is authenticated and then taken back once the data is retrieved. 

Laravel uses a single command to help with login, registration, and password reset. Additionally, it facilitates the management of resource access controls and the structuring of authorization logic. It has gained the moniker PHP authentication framework as a result.

In order to protect passwords from prying eyes, it also saves them in a hashed manner. By producing a fresh hash each time, Bcrypt hashing offers increased security. Additionally, ready-made SQL statements are available to thwart injection attempts. The database and traffic flow are both very secure thanks to these precautions.

#6 In-built object-oriented libraries

Numerous pre-installed features and built-in object-oriented libraries are included with the Laravel framework. The key difference between Laravel and other PHP frameworks is this.

It also contains other qualities like:-

  • Password resetting
  • Active user monitoring
  • Another outstanding feature offered by linked authentication libraries is active user monitoring CSRF avoidance. (This malicious exploit was executed on the confirmed user’s behalf.)
  • It protects against this attack by generating a CSRF token for each session. It is hence impossible to access.

Laravel has a way ahead to grow!

Web applications are growing leaps and bounds with apt technological stacks. PHP is a popular choice for building dynamic websites and web apps. Being the most famous PHP framework Laravel is also known for its capabilities of providing flexible development environment for a stable & successful online venture. Alison, Laracasts, MyRank, are among the best laravel businesses in the digital arena. Invade the digital space with such tech advancements with futur update possibilities. 

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