5 Tips For Decorating The Baby’s Room

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Decorating a toddler’s room is fun, but it can also be a source of stress if you don’t have clear decorating room ideas.

There are several things to consider before starting, such as the baby or child’s age, if the room has to be shared with other siblings, and the activities you want to take place in that area.

Once you are clear about the above questions, you must choose which room or space the baby will occupy.

It is recommended that you make a list with the furniture and essential elements; among them, you can include: the crib, the changing table, a closet to store clothes, storage space or a comfortable chair to spend time near your baby. Of course, all this will depend on your preferences, the space you have and your budget.

How to start?

You shouldn’t wait long to start decorating the baby’s room. As the pregnancy progresses, it will be more difficult and uncomfortable to work on this. Therefore, it is recommended that you start with this task around the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy.

You may want to know the gender of the baby before choosing the colors of the room. However, a unisex bedroom with bright color is always a good option.

To begin with, you can take other baby rooms as a reference, and although it is not necessary to copy them, they can serve as inspiration.

1. The furniture your baby needs

Generally, the primary furniture found in the baby’s room is a crib or bed, a changing table, and a closet. However, these can vary by family, such as those who practice co-sleeping and would not need a crib.

Having storage space is very important, and it is preferable if there are several compartments. For example, a cabinet with drawers and several shelves or a built-in closet will suffice.

The changing table can be on a chest of drawers; in this way, you will increase the storage space. The ideal measurements for this piece of furniture are 90 centimeters high and 55 centimeters deep. Don’t forget to clean your child’s room regularly with lightweight vacuum cleaner because it is easy to handle. As the baby grows, boxes or trunks can be added where toys or other objects can be stored.

A comfortable chair will not come to you to feed the baby or simply spend time near him.

When buying the crib, you have several options. You can choose a traditional crib, or you can buy a convertible bed, that is, with barriers, so that the baby can use it for a longer time.

It must be borne in mind that the crib must have a correct distance between the bars, which ranges between 4.5 and 6.5 centimeters. In addition, it must be made of non-toxic materials. If it has wheels, it must lock, have a suitable mattress, and have a minimum width of 60 centimeters and 20 centimeters longer than the baby.

Choose the color of the room

For babies, soft colors are recommended, which give tranquility and help the baby sleep better. Some, such as beige or light grey, are the most used for both boys and girls.

The walls can also be decorated with sheets or wallpaper, which will give a unique and original touch to the room.

It is not necessary to put a lot of colors in the room. It will be enough to choose a color and use decorative elements to make it more cheerful.

Don’t forget the lighting in the room.

The lighting in the rooms is essential. For example, you can place a ceiling lamp and a floor lamp or a table to have a more subdued and indirect light in the baby’s room.

It will also be necessary to put curtains to prevent too much light from entering through the window since this can disturb the baby during the day when he is asleep.

Place rugs and cushions

The carpets, quilts, cushions, or curtains are the elements responsible for giving a touch of color to the room. And also, when these are renewed, the room seems to change completely.

You can use patterned, striped, and different colored fabrics. You can also change these elements according to the year’s season when the child is a little older and adapt them to their age.

Different textures can be used in the fabrics and materials you choose for your rugs or cushions. In this way, the child will also discover new elements that will awaken his interest in the environment.

Space for your baby

When preparing the baby’s room, it must be considered that it is a safe space where the baby grows and can explore his environment safely.

To do this, you must use non-toxic paints, protect the plugs, try to make the corners of the furniture not at their height, keep the room clean and use barriers when necessary.


Decorating a simple and practical room for the baby does not have to be complicated. You should always consider the needs of each child and your own. Focus on the essentials and follow the tips above. 

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