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Modern Home Office

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Home offices are gaining popularity by the day as the world embraces remote work. From increased productivity and savings to flexible schedules and more family time, working from home presents numerous advantages. Even if you have a nine-to-five job, you’re bound to bring work to the house at some point. That’s why you need a comfortable home office. The good news is you can tailor your home office to your taste. Whether you’re creating a home office from scratch or revamping your current space, here are some home office layout ideas you can try for modern home office.

Lighting Is Key

Lighting impacts not only the outlook of the home office but also your health. While bright fluorescent bulbs trigger headaches, dim lighting strains your eyes. Start with natural lighting. Apart from making your home office feel bigger, natural lighting fights fatigue and boosts productivity. Put your home office in a windowed room to enjoy the outside view. The natural lighting should be near your computer to reduce the screen’s glare.

What’s more, position your desk toward the north or south to avoid shadows. You can add solar shades to reduce heat without sacrificing your view. Another option is installing an invisible under desk wireless charger which is not only handy but also a source for an organized, mess-free workstation as it is equipped with Qi charging pads, this means that you’ll no longer have to suffer the curse of a messy workstation – or a busted charging cable. You could also add personality to your home office with decorative lighting. In addition to picture lights, you can complete your home office setup with wall sconces.
The home office setup, not only involves a computer or laptop but smartphone also. For improving your work productivity you can take advantage of MFI fast charger for iPhone. Moreover, its small in size and can charge a fully drained phone battery to more than 50% full in half an hour.

Experiment With Rugs

Rugs complement home office furniture, wall coverings, and other household products to enhance aesthetics. While vibrant colors boost creativity, neutral hues promote calmness. They also define your workspace. If you don’t have a separate room for the home office, you can distinguish your living space from the work area with a rug. Additionally, rugs increase concentration by reducing noise from rolling chairs and footsteps. You can add a rug overlay for added soundproofing.

Not forgetting the rug’s comfort. If your home office has tiles or hardwood floors, carpets come in handy to provide warmth underfoot. Consider your home office size before choosing a carpet. Wall-to-wall carpets are perfect for small rooms. If you want the rug for your workspace only, leave enough space around the desk, so the desk legs align with the carpet.  Another factor is the rug’s material. Because they get caught under chair wheels, avoid high-pile and tufted rugs in your home office. You can try jute rugs for their ease of cleaning or low-pile rugs for their smoothness.

Know Your Colors

Home office colors determine your comfort, mood, and energy levels. Evaluate the office use before picking a color. For example, a painter can draw inspiration from light shades. Another consideration is your preferences. If you’re sharing your home office with another family member, ask for their input before painting the room.

You have numerous options when choosing colors. For instance, white promotes concentration and gives your home office a minimalist look. On the other hand, black encourages confidence to facilitate decision making. Likewise, orange evokes enthusiasm, especially when working on creative projects. You can add a splash of blue to your orange wall for a contrasting effect. But color isn’t limited to paint. Furniture, carpets, pillows, and plants also influence the room’s appearance.

Invest in Artwork

Nobody wants to be stuck in a dull office all day. Besides aesthetics, motivational wall art increases motivation. Decorations also boost creativity. That way, you come up with fresh ideas and stay lively throughout the day. You can increase your workspace appeal with paintings. In addition to completing the room’s look, wall paintings create a relaxing feeling when dealing with work stress.

You could also increase the room’s sparkle with mirrored wall art. Not forgetting floating shelves that offer a stylish alternative to traditional cabinets. You can decorate the shelf with motivational quotes, sculptures, and framed photos. That goes together with other home office ideas like hanging alphabets. You can spell your name or display your initials on the wall. Additionally, consider wallpaper to brighten your room and protect the walls.

Add a Classic Touch to Your Home Office

Away from the elegant shapes and clean lines of a modern home office, you can improve your office’s ambiance by introducing a vintage look. Apart from creating a minimalistic feel, mixing old and new styles makes your office cozy. For starters, use saturated colors like gray, brown, and beige on the walls and floor.

Moreover, choose textural fabrics for your pillows and upholstery. This goes hand in hand with antique furniture. Instead of getting a complete set, you can save money by buying individual items over time. But you don’t have to buy new furniture to achieve this look. You can find vintage lamps, curtains, clocks, and rugs in local antique stores. 

Consider Indoor Plants

Indoor plants relieve stress and increase job satisfaction. They also improve concentration to boost productivity. Furthermore, plants eliminate carbon dioxide to improve your home office air quality. This goes together with humidity control. You could also place potted plants in your home office to reduce noise. Another benefit is encouraging accountability. Taking care of another living thing makes you responsible in your job.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to office plants. For instance, you can start with cactus if you’re new to plants. Since they thrive in dry conditions, you don’t have to water cacti daily. The same applies to aloe vera. Though it doesn’t need regular watering, place the aloe near a window for maximum sunlight. You could also brighten your home office with pothos. Also called Devil’s ivy, these plants survive in bright and dark rooms alike. However, ensure the plant gets enough water. While yellow leaves indicate overwatering, droopy plants mean the plant is thirsty.

One more creative experiment you can do with your home office décor is using a floating planter. Using a floating planter while putting indoor plants in will be a good idea. It’ll be a great unique item to your home office decoration and it’ll make your plant look like a levitating plant. A floating planter like Floately Airsai-Floating Plant Pot will help you experience a soothing experience in your space by creating a fascinating sight.


Your design ideas are useless if your workspace is messy. Besides conveying professionalism, modern home office organization increases creativity and saves time by helping you find important items. You can organize your home office by installing cabinets, labeling shelves, and creating reminders. Do you work remotely? Share your home office design tips in the comments.

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