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When it comes to a job, family, finances, and other responsibilities, it’s tempting to put off your identity and personal growth until tomorrow. The same applies relevant to enhancing your lifestyle as a whole. Pandemic has changed our lifestyle; almost everyone is working from home, making it quite difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle; in this blog, we will discuss how we can improve our lifestyle and be productive.

However, changing your living self has to be a one-time event. Instead, it is usually the modest things people accomplish every day that build up to significant progress in the long term. Several tiny habits and routines may aid you in gaining faith, reducing anxiety, establishing more robust connections, reconciling your job and lifestyle, becoming a healthier person (physically, psychologically, or bodily), and being healthier.

Our Day includes various activities: working hours, spending time with friends in person or on call, free time (watching TV or binge-watching), making travel plans, cooking, and sleeping.

Get Up Early:

Individuals take their health seriously when they are unexpectedly ill. I’m sure you’ve had more than one morning when you struggled to get out of bed and vowed to yourself that you’d “do better” in self-care.

Breaking down every work you need to perform into little parts and scheduling them all is one approach to having a productive day and saving time in the morning. This implies that you know precisely what to do when you wake up.

Wake up for a healthy lifestyle, spend some time for exercise, and prepare a nutritious breakfast for yourself to start the day off well.

Do Your Job

After arriving at work, what comes next?

Prioritize the work.

Plan your day’s workload to avoid being overburdened and squandering the enthusiastic spirit you’ve already built up in the morning. Start working after making your to-do list by turning off your phone and signing off social media and email. Try setting your phone to “do not disturb” for some time to avoid distractions.

Schedule Gaps

There are some magical times that appear without a trace. You may complete your work early, get lucky with traffic, or perhaps have a session postponed.

You should have pre-planned activities at various times of the day. In advance, be aware of what could be done to avoid being seated and counting down the seconds when these situations occur. You have an incredibly hectic schedule, so if there is an hour open, You should know it’s exercising time, just in case you have no further possibility all day.

Connect with your loved ones:

In a busy schedule, it is healthier to maintain good connections with our family and friends; apart from work, spending time with closer ones can help you grow mentally and emotionally.

If you haven’t seen or talked to someone you used to talk to regularly in quite a while, get in touch and tell them you were wondering about them. Nowadays, social media has made it easier for us, you can WhatsApp or facetime has the power to brighten anyone’s day. (How is it not wonderful to find a message addressed to you on your phone)

If you’ve never met a friend from another company or a new coworker who started last week, try setting up a lunch or coffee date. You’ll meet a new coworker, and, equally great, you’ll expand your circle with quality people.

Try arranging lunch date with old friends. 

Take some time out of your busy schedule and take your better half for a lunch and surprise him/her by gifting matching t shirt for couples

Organize your Stuff:

It may be your desk at your workplace, closet, bedroom, or kitchen cupboards.  According to several research, cleaning relieves stress and is a type of mindfulness practice. To encourage and spark additional pleasure, you may even consider “rearranging” your work life and your home stuff could be a great choice.

Step Outdoors:

You’ll note that I eliminated the words “go to the gym” or “go for a run.” Perhaps exercising is indeed beneficial. Going outside can be the best option.

Take a stroll, read in the park while sitting down, or take a relaxing bike ride. Even just being outside has several health benefits. It boosts creativity, slows down the ageing process, makes us happy, and may even encourage you to exercise more (research says so!).

Don’t you already feel better? Try out these straightforward exercises to see if you can begin to form a few new habits; in the long run, you’ll experience benefits that go much beyond the weekly 30 minutes.

Sleep Peacefully:

Despite how diligently you attempt to keep stress away at night, it is still possible for it to interfere with sleep. However, even the smallest adjustments can make a difference, such as hanging your LED alarm clock on the wall and keeping the room dark and cold. Most importantly, focus on breathing rather than on falling asleep.

Try listening to some soothing music or white noise, journaling, or working on a tiny, dull activity you’ve been bringing off if you’re having trouble falling asleep.


These moments occur frequently, and the majority of people will just sit and observe life as it unfolds. However, this results in a significant amount of wasted time. Personally, I like to conduct research at these times. I research any subject that interests me or a problem I have. You eventually develop a massive knowledge base by returning to this subject repeatedly, perhaps over the course of a few days.


This is just an illustration of what is achievable; you are not required to live this way. You might compress more or less into your day, or you could duplicate this day exactly. Since we are all unique, the number is irrelevant; what matters is that you are making good use of your time. If at any given time, at least one part of my life is not progressing, I personally feel lost. Some people are content to spend half the day motivated and the other half more relaxed.

The choice is yours, but if things don’t work out as you had hoped in 10–20 years, don’t whine because you had some control over it.

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