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Several months earlier, it was Skype that came into our thoughts if we heard a world “Video Conference.” But then came the totally unexpected COVID-19 lockdown which made several apps make their entries in the video-conferencing app business. Though there were numerous apps, the one that made its huge success is the Zoom app. 

What is a Zoom app?

The Zoom app is a cloud-based conferencing tool that is used by people to virtually interact by audio, chat, and video. It makes money by charging subscription fees from the users for services that the company offers along with the promotion of some hardware.

Due to its excellent features and high-quality output, video conferencing apps like Zoom became the sensation in the corporate world to conduct regular remote meetings in the lockdown. It had become the most downloaded app in the U.S. in just a span of a week, according to a survey.

With so much popularity that the app has gained, it’s no wonder if you wish to become a successful/top entrepreneur. You are in the right place if you want to build an app like Zoom for your business. There’s a solution to help you venture into the thriving video conferencing business – Zoom Clone application.  

While the major benefits are rendered for the corporates, it is also used in several other fields, emerging as an anchor that connects everyone in the business ecosystem. 

Let’s see how Our Zoom Clone helps various industries to function remotely.


It has brought teachers and students together with its virtual classroom experience. Teachers would be able to record attendance of their students just like in a normal day. 

Teachers, from muting students to sharing assignments, are incharge in these online classes just like in normal classes. Without the teacher’s permission, students can not  share their screens. The app also gives access to the blackboard.

Teachers would find it easier to assign the projects and assignments to the students using the Zoom Clone. The application also allows users to secure their data using password-protected classrooms. Once the session gets started, the teachers can lock the session. Both students and teachers can record the session. 

Health Care Sector:

Doctors have options like consulting online, diagnosing, and having routine check-ups with the patients. 

Psychologists can provide mass consultation. Doctors can also consult the symptomatic patients remotely. Patients don’t have to visit the hospital if their health condition is manageable. They can also coordinate with lab technicians to process any reports if need be. 

It is being praised for its features like high-quality video even in the low bandwidth. It has helped to reduce the cost of travelling and has increased productivity of the doctors. 


Zoom Clone has provided numerous benefits even for the government agencies. The video communication solution has made it  effortless and secure to conduct online meetings. Since the app allows  various meeting options like HD Video, Audio and chats, officials find it easier to access them in the low-bandwidth regions also. They also have an option to record or save their meetings to review it on a later date.

Corporate Meetings:

Due to the pandemic situation, the boardroom meetings are a big no-no. But with Zoom Clone, corporate companies can have seamless meeting experience. The app would allow people to conduct online meetings, webinars, group conferences, etc.

With Zoom Clone, they can conduct three kinds of meetings like one-to-one, screen sharing, and group video conferencing. With the free version, you would be able to get 40 minutes of video-conferencing experience with 100 participants. 


With the security enhancements in the Zoom Clone app, it is used by lawyers hugely. 

The Zoom clone allows lawyers to have one-on-one or multiple client meetings. With the correct security tips followed, they will have a fine experience. They could share their annotations, whiteboard, and also share screens with their clients. Lawyers can adjust their security level according to the requirements. 

They can also ‘lock the meeting’ once all the participants have joined the meeting.

Media/ entertainment:

There is a lot to explore about the Zoom Clone, which can be availed by the entertainment industry. We have already known that it is possible for the app to bring people together. This can be extensively used by the entertainment industry to broadcast their content among their user base.

People can run their screenplays from afar too. The sponsors can be contacted for raising funds for future projects. Many studios are relying on the Zoom Clone app for promoting their latest work by also changing the background. 

Dance/Yoga Classes:

The pandemic situation has changed many people’s lives. People have started to adopt some new ideas and habits with the days passing by. 

There are many people, who apart from education and the corporate industry, have started to use the Zoom Clone for different purposes, and that’s not an exception for dance/ yoga classes. 

The host of these classes can be able to teach the members without any disturbance by muting the participants. They could also share their music and check performance in real-time. They may also enable the waiting room, disable the screen sharing, etc. 

As a general note, COVID-19 has brought life to a halt for many people and industry. But having an app like Zoom clone has made it possible with its features, to bring the world back but in a virtual environment. 

Not only does it allow interaction, but it has given utmost importance to security. People can transfer or exchange the data to their clients securely. Accounts can be protecting them with username and password. 

Users have an option to block the other unauthorized users and the power to simply remove one from the meeting. Users can share the files, screen, and other data with the Zoom Clone’s secure environment. 


Here’s all that you need to know about the Zoom Clone application’s benefit in almost every field/ industry. Without waiting, get in touch with the developers who can provide you with the best Zoom Clone app. Hurry now!

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