9 Authentic Ways to Earn Money and Bring Down Your Student Debt

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Being a student of this generation is very beneficial, as there are numerous ways to make cash now, than ever before, you can earn money both in offline and online methods. You can use this extra cash in a lot of ways, but one prominent problem that can be solved with this is knocking down your student debt. As mentioned before, there are a lot of ways to earn money, but knowing where to invest your time can be tricky. As for you, time is precious for managing your school/college, studying for exams, writing assignments, interacting with people, and what not. To help you make cash while studying, we have carefully devised a list of money making options for you to choose from.

1. Start Tutoring 

An amazing way to earn money as a student, is to use your academic knowledge to become a tutor. This part-time job can be profitable in the UK as parents are willing to pay around £25-35 an hour for teaching their kids at home. Additionally, tutoring can also hone your own academic skills simultaneously.

2. Trade Markets

While earning money from such markets can be a bit tough job, as it involves a strategic planing. But investing in the trade market can also be a lucrative option for students. Additionally, in this modern era, there is no need for an array of Wolf of Wall Street brokers; you can buy and sell stocks with the ease of your hands. Just be careful, as this market can give you millions and also take them away in minutes.

3. Create Your Own Website

You might be wondering how it is possible to earn money from making a website, when you have to even buy the space for it first. Well, worry not, you can cover the cost of creating one and even get extra cash from it. Imagining how? The answer lies in the mystery of passive income. When you create a website, you can offer billions of companies, to show ads on it, and through this way, you can take your financing game up a notch.

4. Freelancing 

There are various advantages to being a freelancer, such as charging what you want and working at any time you want. You can make the world revolve around you, although it will be a bit difficult in the beginning. But seeing the hard-earned money in your hands will surely motivate you. As a freelancer, you can offer assistance with anything; designing clothes, help with assignments, frame coding projects, etc. And there will be no limit on your earnings.

5. Online Surveys

This is a new and easy job trend that has come into the market. Through this, you can make money online by simply filling out online surveys. Several research companies are recruiting to get answers from people and test their products. These forms can be filled in under 2 minutes and won’t take much of your time. You can even earn up-to £3-5 from these surveys.

6. Sell Notes

If you are not that mean student who doesn’t share notes, this job can help you collect some bags on the go. You can sell your notes to your fellow classmates, or if they are not willing to give money for them, you can also upload your notes on several sites. These sites attract a lot of students who need help with homework, exams, and other academic-related things. Additionally, these students are also willing to pay the price demanded by you.

7. Sell Your Stuff

As a student, you will have a lot of old books, games, CD’s, etc., laying around. You might have thought of all of them as junk. But there is a saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” So go on a selling streak. Who knows, you might be holding the missing piece of an exquisite CD collection.

8. Sell Art

If you have got the creativity and passion for art, there are now sites where you can upload them and earn money easily. There are various websites present in this generation where you can upload sketches, drawings, songs, or any other type of art, and people will pay to have a look at them or directly buy them from you. What a fun way to earn money, right.

9. Babysitting or dog walking

Last but not least, babysitting or dog-walking is a simple way to supplement your income. You’d have to rearrange your study schedule a bit, but it’s something that may earn you a lot of money with little work. 

The options mentioned above aren’t the only choices available to you. You can look around and find a way to earn money from any kind of source. You will just have to whip the horses in your mind and they will start finding resources everywhere.

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