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Interesting and very useful gadgets aren’t just meant for techies, garden enthusiasts can also find their fair share of garden tech gadgets on the market. Yup, you’ve read that right. Garden tech gadgets are a thing and if you love all things tech, your garden can now be a full-on tech paradise too.

From now on, you will no longer have to separate your love for gardening and technology, because they can be easily combined. You can upgrade your garden and become a better gardener with all the garden tech gadgets available on the market.

Let’s check out how you can upgrade your garden with tech gadgets.

1.      Garden cameras

That’s right an actual garden camera. Just like you can install front door cameras to keep surveillance on who comes to your front door, you can install a garden camera as well.

Garden cameras are a great way to keep an eye on what’s going on with your flowers and plants, whether insects or animals are causing them problems, or simply to watching your garden grow day in and day out.

Many garden cameras can be set to capture photos at intervals from 1 minute to 24 hours, and all you have to do is stick the camera somewhere in your garden and keep a watch.

2.      Automatic mowers

You know how most homes now have those rotating robots vacuum cleaners that clean your home without you having to move a finger? Well, now you won’t have to move a finger to mow your lawn either since there are these things called automatic mowers or auto mowers.

All you have to do is install the mower and let it do its thing – you’ll have a beautiful garden all year round. These mowers aren’t huge so they are suitable for small to medium-sized backyards.

The great thing about them is that they also recharge themselves when the battery is running low, plus they have a GPS navigation system that guides them. With this tech gadget, you will have a perfectly manicured lawn without breaking any sweat.

3.      Retractable garden hose-reels

If you want a nice green lawn and blooming flowers in your garden, you need to water it and often. And let’s be honest, watering a garden can be a real nightmare. Tangles and kinks in the hose, drippy and leaky fittings, having to wind the reel properly once the watering is done, and you get the point.

From now on, with the Hoselink US hose reel, you will no longer have such problems. Hoselink US is the world’s best garden hose and with a good reason – Hoselink is easy to use, it unwinds and rewinds without any problems thanks to a superior rewind mechanism.

Additionally, Hoselink comes with a neat and tidy storage solution, and not to mention that you’ll no longer have to worry about the hose bursting off the nozzle. Hoselink also comes with hose connectors that are easily connected with a simple point and twist motion.

Watering your garden with this tech gadget will no longer be a nightmare!

4.      Plant moisture meters

How many plants and flowers have you killed with too much or too little water? Countless probably and now you’re on the verge of giving up gardening because you lack the green thumb.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to give up your garden just because you lack watering skills. With this handy gadget, you won’t ever kill another plant.

Plant moisture meters help you keep your plants healthy and hydrated. Moisture meters come in various versions but most of them give you a more in-depth picture of soil conditions. They provide you with information on soil moisture levels, pH levels, and light levels. Some meters also tell you temperature and fertilizer nutrients.

All you have to do is insert the pointed end of the mater, called the probe, into the soil (about three-quarters down into the pot). The rest will be done by the meter. Some of the meters come with the app which will give you all the necessary information.

And that’s it, with the moisture meter you won’t have to wonder whether or not your plants need watering.

5.      Home weather stations

Are you fed up with wrong weather predictions? Those weather apps we all have on our phones are often not as accurate as we need them to be. With a home weather station, you won’t have to depend on limited weather apps and you’ll be able to discover what’s the weather really like outside.

These personal weather station gadgets are capable of monitoring both indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure trends, and a weather forecast. In addition to all that, many weather stations also monitor wind speed and direction as well as rainfall measurements.

The weather station is also great if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Some stations measure UV index, solar radiation and can even sense lighting!

6.      Smart outdoor lighting

Is there anything more beautiful than a nicely lit garden at night? Spending time outdoors doesn’t have to be strictly limited to daytime, with smart outdoor lighting you can now host dinners and spend time in your garden even at nighttime.

With smart outdoor lighting, you can control the lighting in your garden with a phone app. Not only that, you can set the lights to operate automatically based on motion sensors, time of the day, and certain triggers as well.

And when it comes to choosing the type of lights, you can choose from spotlights, pedestal lights, or lighting strips – whatever works for your garden. In case you already have lighting in your garden, you can easily solve the problem by replacing the existing bulbs with smart ones.

Smart bulbs are easily connected to your smart home network and further operated from there.

Similarly, you can easily install a smart plug and connect the popular string lights to it. With smart plugs, any device will become smart!

7.      Outdoor speakers

Since we’re talking about outdoor ambiance, it’s probably time to mention outdoor speakers. Your garden parties will now be complete with outdoor background music. Invest in some outdoor Bluetooth speakers that come with a removable stake for placing them into the ground.

These outdoor speakers are designed to withstand all the elements while still delivering a crisp sound. Most of them are designed so that they can blend in your garden without standing out too much, plus they are portable.

Transforming and upgrading your garden with tech gadgets has never been easier. There are tons of different types of gadgets that can not only make your garden smart, but they can also make your life easier.

No longer will you have to struggle with mowing the lawn, watering the garden with those old tangly hoses, or wonder whether you overwatered or underwatered your plants.

Upgrade your garden and operate those smart gadgets with just a few clicks on your smartphone.


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