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For any business that wants to succeed in the 21st century, robust software tools are a must. However, building and deploying on-premise software requires capital and labor that most businesses and startups simply do not have.

Fortunately, with the advent of the internet and the emergence of cloud computing, powerful and efficient software tools are just a few clicks away. The SaaS market has seen a dramatic increase in the last few years, with SaaS companies providing everything from document management solutions to social media marketing solutions.

Top SaaS Companies To Know


Smartsheet, also known as Smartsheet, is a collaboration software platform that allows teams to work on projects together, assign tasks to each other, keep track of project deadlines, and collaborate with colleagues on deadlines.

Smartsheet tools are widely used across industries and are used by brands such as Lego, Pfizer, and American Express. According to Smartsheet’s website, the platform can also be connected to Google Chat, Slack, and Webex to improve team communication.


As a social media management software company, Hootsuite provides a social media management platform for businesses. According to its website, Hootsuite allows users to schedule posts and social media efforts across Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, as well as other social media platforms, to create more unified customer engagement efforts.


With the use of client data, sales teams may develop lead-creation tactics with the aid of HubSpot, a CRM software platform. It also provides marketing tools for marketing teams, such as marketing automation and data synchronization, as well as SEO analytics. According to Hubspot, users can collect customer feedback into the central knowledge base, which can be used to inform future strategy decisions and business strategies.


DocuSign is an enterprise document management software provider that provides critical file management services to clients such as Apple, Citgo, and Aetna.

According to DocuSign’s website, its platform enables users to digitally sign documents, while its cloud-based technology allows users to share documents and view them from multiple devices.

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Accelo is an on-premise platform that enables businesses to manage client work from prospect to invoice. Tasks include timesheet management, resource management, sales, and integration with third-party integrations such as slack, Mailchimp, Paypal, etc. The platform provides analytical and financial insights for companies to analyze.

Ably Realtime

Ably Realtime creates real-time data on the digital experience for your organization to avoid delays and enhance real-time communications on a platform. 

Ably Realtime supports a wide range of digital experiences that people may interact with daily, including live chats, online learning, document sharing, and even scheduling appointments. Clients include Toyota, MobysMax, HubSpot, and others.


Apty is an enterprise-ready digital adoption platform. It integrates with a wide range of applications, such as Workday, Salesforce, and more, allowing you to complete tasks in a fraction of the time.

Companies can use Apty for new development training, task error correction, and business compliance management for employees.


Prisidio provides a cloud-based solution for securely storing, organizing, and sharing important documents and other confidential information. Users can authorize who can access the vault, including family members, attorneys, accountants, etc. The vault can also monitor the location of important documents, complete document catalogs, and be used on mobile devices.


FPFX Tech provides SaaS solutions to automate the financial markets trading business. Its software specializes in proprietary trading, which is when a firm trades its funds instead of trading client-held funds. It also specializes in trading competitions. Trading competitions are like showcases for trading firms that allow brokers to compete against each other to generate interest and business.


Scorability’s SaaS  platform helps connect athletes with college athletic programs to improve “recruiting efficiency, transparency, and integrity.” According to the company, its technology enables coaches in all sports to find and engage their top players through a simple process that’s designed to save coaches time and money.


Toast’s software is used by food and beverage businesses of all sizes to streamline their operations, allowing employees to work more productively and customers to be happy with their service.

With its cloud-based POS system, you can accept payments, integrate with e-commerce platforms, collect guest feedback, and track key business metrics.


Fleet vehicles and heavy equipment are managed using Samsara’s industrial IoT platform. It is offered as a SaaS solution, with pricing based on company size and business requirements. 

The platform includes video-based safety features such as AI cameras, driver training, safety reporting, equipment tracking, and workflows designed to streamline the driver experience.


FareHarbor provides an all-in-one online booking solution that allows tour companies, rental companies, and activity companies to set up booking forms on their sites and accept payments from clients.

The founders’ vision was to create a platform that meets the unique needs of businesses in this industry by enabling growth and efficient online reservation management.


InterSystems develops and sells SaaS data management solutions for the healthcare, financial services, and logistics markets. Reliability is paramount in these environments, which is why InterSystems’ cloud data programs are designed and built to the highest standards.

InterSystems IRIS is available in a healthcare-specific version, and TrakCare is compliant with the healthcare industry standards for data security and privacy.

The Predictive Index

Predictive Index is a SaaS HR tech company that uses psychometric assessments to optimize talent. To harness the power of science and data, the software combines cognitive assessment tools with behavioral analysis insights to match each team member and recruit to the position that best positions them for growth and success.


CompanyCam is a SaaS company that provides visual communication software for contractors to manage their building trades businesses, which include field, shop, and office teams. The photo tools allow physically remote teams to keep track of the job site in one view, minimizing mistakes and project delays.


Acquia provides an open-source SaaS digital experience platform that integrates with the siloed technology that businesses use to connect with end-users. Providing a central point of control for management, content generation, marketing, and other critical operations, the software brings the customer experience together seamlessly while collecting customer information and performing other critical roles for the client company.


Sojern is a marketing agency specializing in travel and hospitality marketing. The software platform offers tools and insights to improve campaign performance and target travel audiences effectively. The company claims that its solutions have generated over $15 billion in travel bookings.


What to know about SaaS companies?

A software-as-a-service (SaaS) service provider or a website will provide cloud-based services to its clients. The cloud-based services will also host the user’s data over the internet. SaaS providers maintain and update the servers.

What are the 5 C’s of SaaS?

SaaS includes all five Cs: CMRR; Churn; Cash Flow; CAC; and CLV. Below, you’ll find easy-to-understand definitions of each metric, along with a handy graphic to help you remember them or use them as a quick reference.

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