Top Job Search Mistakes That Should be Avoided

Job Search Mistakes
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In these recent years, many individuals are looking for jobs in the UAE. However, not everybody knows what the proper way to look for a job is. Job searching is all about being thoughtful. In a competitive job, making job search mistakes is a thing you should avoid. 

Generally, saying or doing the wrong thing can keep you out of contention for the best jobs in the UAE. Subsequently, you should be careful about what you write, how you apply, and how you sell searching for jobs will be more of a challenge. 

Here are the top job search mistakes that you should avoid when applying for jobs in the UAE.

Too Much Information on your Cover Letter and Resume

You should write only the things that will captivate the attention of a possible employer. Your resume has to be about what you can provide to a company, not what you are expecting from a UAE job vacancy

Avoid writing unnecessary information. For example, your high-school graduation date or your whole 20-year job history. It is important to remember that you only have a few moments to impress the recruiter, so ensure it is a good one.

In the same way, you do not need to write about the personal reasons why you want the job or why it could be perfect for you. Your circumstances should remain private. As with your resume, employers only want to know about what can you do for their businesses. 

You should keep your cover letter brief and focused on why you are a suitable option for the role and worthy of a first interview. Take some time to write a targeted cover letter for each new job application. Additionally, you can match your qualifications to the specific job, so the hiring manager can see why you are a great candidate.

Do not forget to proofread the things you write. Typos are a common mistake and avoiding them should be your main objective. Ask your acquaintances if they can proofread your cover letter and resume. Read all your emails twice and do everything in your hands to make sure that you are communicating clearly. 

Not Having Online Presence

You must have a good online presence when searching for a job. These days, the internet is the main tool for recruiting managers. Consequently, you should think about refreshing our social media accounts and building a positive online presence. 

For instance, you can create a LinkedIn account and update your professional information. This is a great way to get perceived by recruiters. Building a good LinkedIn profile will help you make connections and even get recommended for job vacancies in the UAE. 

Furthermore, once you are online, you should research the companies that you applied to. So, in case you obtain an interview, you will be ready to give the answers they want to hear. Showing that you made an effort to learn about their company will prove that you are taking seriously this opportunity.

Applying Only to Job Postings and Not Using your Network

Try to be proactive in your job search. Broaden your possibilities and do not only send applications to companies that have job postings. If you have a company that you would like to work for, send them an email asking about any available job position. 

Some of the best jobs in the UAE in 2022 ended up not being posted but given to individuals recommended by other company members. Therefore, having a good network and making use of it can be advantageous. Recommendations are an essential part of the job searching process. Thus, letting your acquaintances know that you are looking for a job can lead to finding your new job. 

Acting Inappropriately in the Interview

You have to be careful once you are going through the interview process. Firstly, you need to dress the part. Being overdressed can hurt your chances almost as much as looking dreary. It is vital to research the workplace so you fit in with your future co-workers. 

Secondly, you should be thoughtful about the things you say in an interview. This process needs to be only about the things you can do for a company if you were working there. Sharing your skills and qualifications that match the company’s mission and values is very important.

Not Using the Services of a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are the best support you could have when looking for a Gulf job vacancy. These companies are filled with experts that have been helping professionals find jobs through the years.  A recruitment agency will offer a wide variety of services, tailored to your necessities.

They work closely with the utmost companies in the United Arab Emirates, so they know all about the best jobs in 2022. Their variety of tools will help you find the perfect professional match so you can get a job in the UAE as soon as possible. 

Giving Up

There are many reasons why you are not finding a job in the Gulf right now. For example, maybe the role surpasses your skills and experiences or you are overqualified for the position. Whatever it may be, it is important to not give up and keep trying.

After an unsuccessful job search, it can be a good idea to take a break and regroup. Start by thinking about what you can change, what new skills can you learn, or what tweaks you can make to your resume. Maybe you did not highlight the right skills for a specific position or forgot to add some experience. Learn from your mistakes and be ready to do better next time.

Ignoring Important Feedback

Feedback can be hard to hear sometimes, especially if it is negative. But, you must stay open to it. Constructive criticism can be good to make you realize that you could be making mistakes that you are not aware of. 

Learning from feedback is the perfect way to grow. If you have the opportunity, ask a friend to conduct a mock interview or read your resume and then give you some corrections. Ultimately, take that external input and apply it in the places you could be failing. 

It is common to make these job search mistakes. The important thing is to know that there are many UAE job vacancies and if you fail in obtaining a position in a particular company, you will always have the chance to succeed in another one. Trust the process and find the right kind of help to find the best job in the UAE for you. 

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