Best 5 Tally Alternatives – Tested & Reviewed

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This article shed light on the best alternative for Tally.ERP 9 or Tally Prime.

Hello Everyone!

Suppose you’re a business owner and looking for an ERP Software for your business. 

Undoubtedly, most of you go for Tally ERP as it has strong roots in the accounting discipline. 

The reason behind  is the cheaper license availability of Tally as compared to others. 

Wait! HOLD ON.

Time has changed now. 

Today, organization needs more than just an Accounting Process, Recording Transactions, Generating and Printing reports & invoices. In short, companies have a lot of functions to handle, not just what Tally provides.

As well as, Tally ERP Software has downsides too, such as:-

  • No mobile version
  • Single screen software
  • Useless paid upgrades
  • Non availability on Cloud
  • No flexibility on Chart of Accounts
  • No Central Support
  • Low Security
  • Data backup issues

As per the current situation in the market, there are lots of new ERP Software available.

All of them can be considered as the best Tally Alternative for your business.

To fulfill your business requirements, we have mentioned the best 5 alternatives for Tally. They can be even more helpful for your business than Tally.ERP 9/ Tally Prime. 

We are certain that the below mentioned software counters all the aspects that Tally fails to provide for your Business. 

Now, without wasting any single minute more. Let’s come to the topic.

Tally Alternatives Accounting Software – Best 5

In the following section, you will get the best 5 software similar to Tally. No doubt, all the mentioned ERP are the best substitute of Tally accounting application. Let’s begin with the star of the list – SAP.

1. SAP ERP – Best Tally Substitute

LocationTally started in Bangalore.SAP started in Germany.
Suitable IndustryFor startups & very small companies.For medium – sized & large companies.
Parallel AccountingNot supporting Parallel Accounting.Fully support Parallel Accounting.
PriceRelatively cheaper than SAP.Expensive than Tally, but worth it.
Data HandlingHandle a small amount of data.Can handle large amounts of data without any difficulty.
Cloud SupportDo not provide Cloud applicationOffers Cloud-based ERP application

If you want to implement any SAP application, then connect with Cinntra who has ERP expertisation.

2. Sage Business Cloud X3

When we compare Sage X3 and Tally, we first have to consider your business requirements. After that, we’ll get over your Budget.

With these 2 aspects, it’s easy to evaluate which software is reliable for your Business.

If you only consider Budget as a factor, as maximum businesses do in India. Then Tally would be the best choice. However, if you genuinely want to grow your business, then you have to consider a lot more than Budget, just like:-

• Platforms supported

• Typical customers

• Customer support

• Support options

• Training options 

Regardless of these facts, Sage also provides Free Demo. By getting this Demo, you can analyze how Sage can effectively benefit your Business. And how it will be better than Tally.

3. SAP Business One

SAP Business One was introduced in Israel in 1996 under “TopManage.” In March 2002, SAP acquired TopManage and named their system SAP Business One. From that time, SAP updated SAP Business One every year; currently, SAP Business One is on their 10.0 version.

If we talk about comparison between SAP Business One with Tally ERP, undoubtedly, we are insulting SAP Business One. Because it possesses all the Tally features along with advanced functionalities. That’s why it is considered as one of the best Tally alternatives. Still, I’ll try to explain this difference with the help of the Table below:-

ComparisonTallySAP Business One
Targeted IndustrySmall & Medium EnterpriseMajorly SMEs, for large companies as well
SecurityLimited SecurityHighly secure as compared to Tally
Parallel AccountingNot supportingFully supported
PriceRelatively cheaper than SAP.Expensive than Tally, but worth it.
Data HandlingHandle only a small amount of dataHandle huge & complex databases without any hassle
Data ValidationNot AutomatedFully Automated

As per the Table above, I have tried to explain some differences between SAP Business One and Tally. But believe me, there are just a few differences. In every manner, SAP Business One is far better than Tally and the other leading ERP software present in the market.    

If you want to implement SAP Business One application, then connect with Cinntra who has vast ERP expertisation. For this, you can request a free Demo by sending a mail on –

4. Acumatica

Acumatica blows Tally out of the water in terms of the ERP ecosystem. Because of various management reasons like Financial, Commerce Connectors, Construction, Manufacturing, and Inventory.

Tally is an ERP software that provides specific modules like Accounting, Business Intelligence, CRM, HR, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Procurement, and Project Management. 

On the other hand, Acumatica also provides all these modules, same as Tally along with additional modules. It includes Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Flow, Fixed-Assets, General-Ledger, and much more with extra functionalities..

What’s more – Acumatica is more user-friendly ERP software, which gives a better experience to the users.

5. Oracle NetSuite

As we know that Tally comes under one of the most popular accounting software in India. Many small & medium enterprise companies are still using Tally, although its capabilities don’t fit those businesses’ requirements.  

Tally was good until the launch of Oracle NetSuite. Because after the launch of NetSuite, business situations were entirely changed for numerous reasons. Some of the reasons given below:-

User – FriendlyNoYes
Product UpgradeOnce in a Year & CostlyTwice in a Year for free
On-PremiseYesNot Required
SecurityNot MuchHigh-Level
Browser AccessNoYes
Document AccessNot MuchHigh-Level
Remote AccessYesYes (to any Oracle Database)
Time TrackingNoYes
CRMNot MuchHigh-Level
Inventory ManagementNot MuchHigh-Level
Warehouse ManagementYesYes
Report CustomizationNot MuchHigh-Level
Resource ManagementNoYes
Cross Report GenerationNoYes
Save Previous SearchesNoYes
Represent WorkflowNoYes
Business IntelligenceNoYes
Bank ReconciliationNot MuchHigh-Level

In the above table, I have tried to explain the difference between Tally and NetSuite. Honestly speaking, these are just basic parameter comparisons.. NetSuite is far better than Tally in an infinite number of ways.

Which Tally Alternative Do You like??

Tally.ERP 9 or Tally Prime is the application that works great at an earlier stage of any organization. However, when a company grows, they require more automation and smart ERP solutions. Due to which, firms start searching for “Similar Software like Tally but with More Power”. 

Therefore, we have summed up the best 5 Tally Prime alternatives that are suitable for your business. 

Still, you are the only one who knows which ERP Software is suitable for your workflow.

If you have any confusion, please comment below. I will try to help you as much as possible.

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