Complete Guide: Solving the Apple Mail to Outlook Migration Issue

Solving the Apple Mail to Outlook Migration Issue

Last Updated on November 6, 2023 by Team Experts

Introduction/Overview: Are you trying to find an easy way to transfer folders from Apple Mail to Outlook? You’ve arrived at the ideal location. We’ll walk you through the easy process of moving your emails from Windows Mail to Outlook in this post, making sure you don’t lose any important data.

A common email program for Windows users, Apple Mail (sometimes called Windows Mail) employs the MBOX file format, which might be difficult to deal with when moving to Outlook. We will investigate both automatic and manual techniques to ensure a seamless transition for you.

Why Does Apple Mail Export Folders to Outlook?

Prior to delving into the techniques, let us examine the reasons behind consumers’ desire to export their folders from Apple Mail to Outlook. The following are some strong arguments:

  • Email forwarding: Because Apple Mail does not have sophisticated email forwarding features, Outlook is a more appealing choice for effectively handling emails.
  • Emails that have been archived in Apple Mail can occasionally resurface in your inbox due to unreliable archiving practices. Email handling is improved with Outlook.
  • Compatibility: Many people prefer Outlook due to its intuitive design, powerful search engine, and highly configurable features, particularly when switching from a Windows-based system.

Let’s now investigate the two ways you can export your Apple Mail folders to Outlook.

First Method: Manual Technique

Even though the manual method is more complicated and has limits, some people might prefer it. Here are the steps that need to be taken:

Step 1: Export Mailbox with Attachments from Apple Mail

  • On your Windows Shine, install third-party software, then choose the mailbox folder you wish to export.
  • The “Mailbox” menu will appear; click it and choose “Export Mailbox.”
  • Choose where you want the MBOX files to be saved.

MBOX files are created by this procedure from Apple Mail folders. After that, users can utilize these files to make the switch. However, non-technical people could find this manual procedure time-consuming and unsuitable.

Method 2: Computer-Aided Resolution

If you want to export many folders from Apple Mail to Outlook more efficiently, an automated solution is the way to go. FixVare is an in-dependable program for converting Apple Mails to Outlook PST files. To achieve the best outcomes, we advise using “Convert Apple Mail MBOX Files in Bulk on Windows OS Software.” Using this application, you can convert files to Outlook-compatible PST format safely and quickly.

Explained is the Software Working Process:

  1. After the application has launched, click “Add File”.
  2. Click “Next” after selecting “MBOX Files.”
  3. Locate and add the MBOX files on your local computer.
  4. Examine the emails and attachments from MBOX.
  5. You can export certain emails or the entire set of data in one of two methods.
  6. Upon choosing the PST format, click “Export” to begin the conversion process.

It is simple to utilize this automated solution for both non-technical and technical people. Ensuring a seamless export of your Apple Mail folders to Outlook, it streamlines the process.

Final Words,

You will often need to export folders from Apple Mail to Outlook. Here are two methods to help you do that. The automated alternative we offer simplifies the procedure for everyone, even though the manual technique can need technical skill. After deciding which strategy best suits your requirements, start the email transfer procedure.

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