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Small business management is managed from a home or remote workspace, with fewer employees and probably fewer investments.

Mobile devices and smartphones are the main devices being used as the workplace is not stationed. So, applications with mobile features are preferred in small businesses.

Here, a few of the applications with relative implications are mentioned. You can bring better results with the appropriate choices.

Apps for Small Business Management

There are various needs in a small business related to management. The specific purpose has to be met without hiring additional employees to save money. 

We can have our requirements differentiated, and work out to create our own custom toolset, comprising various easy-to-use tools.

Time Tracking

The fundamental requirements for time tracking are:

  • Productivity Calculation
  • Invoice management
  • Attendance


You, as a business owner, cannot do multitasking all the time. In order to grow, you have to hire people. Trust can be a dilemma when you share your vision with other people. 

timeTracko will remove all of your indifference among the workforce and establish better collaboration among the team members.

It is software for the analysis and productivity of your workforce.

You can track the activities and prepare analytics on the task completion and the employees. You can know what apps they are using and how much they are working.

Employees become conscious when they are being monitored and work better faithfully. Without interaction, you will build trust in your team.

It can integrate with almost all the tools you use and make a significant difference to your business’s success.


Clockify is a forever free time tracking application that has made it popular among small business owners.

It has a simple time tracker and timesheet and helps to track productivity, manage attendances and prepare bills of works completed.

Employees and sales reports, and many other reports are mostly required by small business owners where the helping hands are less. Clockify provides all the support for the preparation of the report.

With all the management features and support for all kinds of devices, it stands out among many other time tracking software. 


Different accounting needs are expected from an app in a small business. This software tries to keep the business sense intact with day-to-day operations. 


FreshBooks is used for invoicing expenses, preparing estimations, time tracking, payments, report preparation, and mobile usages. 

It has accounting functions, and sending messages to clients is easy. The deal and partnership between any two parties can be easily trusted and strengthened by using such accounting tools.

Freelancers, self-employed, contractors and employees, any kind of job bearer can use FreshBooks. It’s popular among millions.

It has a customer support and helps you grow your business.


You can access QuickBook anytime on any of your devices.  It can easily track your cash flow. It helps to build better business insight.

It helps to keep the records of the transaction receipts in an image format. There is very little chance of error when working with QuickBook.

Customized reports can be generated quickly, which will help you in future planning. It is mostly used in Europe, and the paid plan starts from euro 7.50/mo. But, software tools can be accessed from anywhere. It is popular, so it is preferred.

Project Management

There are many tasks to be coordinated while working with remote team members. Project management is an essential part of managing the business, and software with such functionality is equally important.

Microsoft 365

Most people are used to using the Microsoft Office toolset. Jumping into another application can be overwhelming and hectic for some users. 

Microsoft 365 provides all the same features as Microsoft Office for Windows as well as MacOS users.

It has Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Publisher, and many more to solve all your business-related project management tools.

Easy to use and efficient collaboration, what more can a small business anticipate? And if there are, it is easy to collaborate with any other applications as per need.


You can handle a little bit more dynamic applications with Asana. Marketing, task operations, and sales can be boosted with it.

Along with project management, you can carry out campaigns to create and launch products, design new concepts, and track the progress among your team members.

With agile management at work, your productivity increases in task completion as well as in individual coworkers.

The basic operations of a small business can be carried out with its starter pack, which is free. 

Point of Sale

It is the main part of your business transaction. The applications help you conduct the exact point of transaction and satisfy both parties without any error.


Online store, invoice, payment, loyalty program, customer directory and messages, checking, savings, loans, team management, payroll, benefits, all of these facilities are from a single application. Don’t take it from my words, and you can use it and then believe that we can conduct so much more alone with apps in our hands.

Small businesses can really benefit from Square as it is a heavily featured application with apparently every solution. 

The terminals where transactions are instantaneous makes Square a perfect application for point of sale. It also provides customized hardware specific in use for your business. You can set up the hardware at any workplace, retail store, restaurant, appointment place, etc.


It helps to create and customize e-commerce stores with various tools. Most retail businesses can benefit from Shopify because of its easy selling and payment processing plan.

Food and drinks, jewellery, beauty products, home appliances, and many other stores can go online with the help of Shopify. It will assist in managing inventory, arranging payment, and shipping. You will have the ability to go global.

Sell your goods to different places.

Customer Relationship Management

Business needs data about customers, their interests, and trends. A customer relationship management software analyzes consumer patterns and behaviors from the data collected from various mediums like QAs, telephone orders, social media activities, emails, and websites.  


Vtiger has a fast and intuitive user interface. Everything is simple and plain in design. It is easy to get along.

You can see all information on a single screen. So, there is no confusion and complexity involved. All the functions are one click away.

You will get insight into automation, customers’ demands, and business growth analytics. Integration with various other software makes it more dynamic in use.


You can handle marketing sales, content management, customer services, every important business task with the help of this software.

It has different platforms for specific purposes. Thus the name signifies; a hub spot for different tools. Sales, service, marketing, CMS, and operation. These spaces for business work make Hubspot a wide zone to play with your business tactics.

As its use is scalable to different stages of business, the services are on a paid basis. The starters’ pack is $45/month.


There must be clear communication in any type of business. It helps to build understanding and trust between the partners, strengthens the work way.

Google Meet

The free and easy-to-use Google communication system is popular among many because even being non-technical personnel, you can easily use it. 

It doesn’t take time to prepare for meetings, and it works in browsers and on any device with a decent network. 

It can be easily reached out to many people as most use Google and have Gmail. 

Google Meet is the best solution for small businesses without paying extra bills, except for the Internet.


RingCentral is a team messaging and collaboration software. It has unlimited video conferencing and meeting features. You can share your screen to make communication more appealing.

It converts your device to a business phone system where all calls and call lists are managed. It provides customer services through inbound and outbound channels. Calls and messaging are pretty effective for customers.

It is best for enterprises and small businesses.

Payment Transaction

Automatic payment of your bills to and from your customers is very handy while carrying small businesses. There are some apps that assist you with such specific needs.


It is the most popular payment system in the world. You can pay money in exchange for goods received with just a simple sign-up process in the application. Your confidential bank information is not required.

It is very easy for customers to use because most of them are already familiar with it. As the connection is already built, the business can scale to a huge number of customer gains in no time.

Paypal helps with all sorts of transactions.


Wave provides bookkeeping and payment solutions. It manages the accounts, income, and expenses. All for free.

Payroll, payment, and invoicing are automatically done. You can have unlimited users and unlimited bank and credit card connections.


Yooz is a cloud-based P2P solution and an important addition to any accounting or financial system. It can be integrated with over 200 systems to achieve automated invoice processing, paperless accounts payable, and a complete digital transformation of your payment processes. 


The app selection for small business management is a difficult choice to make. There are many options on the Internet, and everyone is better than the other.

The primary concern of small businesses is to make fewer investments, and you should go with the free featured software.

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