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Saved for Later on Amazon
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Save products in your cart so you may buy them later. Depending on the product’s size and colour, the cost and other information may change. Save for later, add to cart, and purchase later.

How to add items to saved for later

  • Log in to your Amazon account and conduct a product search add to cart.
  • Later go to add to cart and make the product as “save for later”
  • To add the item to your Saved for Later list, click Save for Later.
  • You can also Delete, compare with similar items and share the products as well

Benefits of Using Saved for Later

This feature helps to save on product quantity with the product. So when the customer is ready to buy, they don’t need to update the quantity

This feature encourages customers to buy their favorite products.

Customers spend more when a store has this feature


1: Can I access Saved for Later without an Amazon account?

Although guest users can save items temporarily, creating an Amazon account allows you to manage your Saved for Later list indefinitely.

2: Is my Saved for Later list private?

Definitely! Your list is completely private and only accessible to you unless you choose to share it.

3: Can I add items to Saved for Later on my mobile device?

Yes! Whether you’re using the Amazon app or a web browser on your mobile device, you can easily add items to your Saved for Later list.


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