Osmosis Technology: True or False | Can You Make Money with It?

Osmosis Technology
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Many of us have heard the name Osmose Technology or Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd or Osmose Technology Private Limited on the web or in YouTube videos.

But we really don’t know Osmosis technology.

What is Osmosis technology? Osmosis Technology Pvt Ltd? (Osmosis technology information) | Osmosis Technology kya hai?

Osmose Technology is a platform where you can earn money online by referring other people or getting other people to join you. The more you join other people below you, the more money you earn.

So it has a concept similar to MLM.

It is a Pune based company (Pune osmosis technology Pvt ltd) which started on 24th December 2019 where it officially registered the company with an annual registered capital of Rs 5 lakhs.

What about the OSMOSE Technology Private LTD 1180 Rs plan? Is it true or false?

When you join the company, registration is free, but if you want to earn money, you must have a membership which will cost you around Rs.1178 or around Rs.1180.

And it won’t get it back because it’s the investment for the business to start earning with the business methods.

Then you have to join other people as MLM below you and there are 10 levels which when you join more people the more your income will increase.

But the problem here is that in MLM you will get a commission whenever someone under you or someone under your referral joins you, you will get a commission.

But not in the case of Osmosis technology here, you will get a commission when only one person below you joins.

This means that let’s say you joined 10 people, then you will get a commission from only 10 people, not from all the people who were under those 10 people.

What is Pikflick by Osmose technology? | Osmosis technology connection application | Application of osmosis technology

Osmose Technology or Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd

Pikflick is a software developed by Osmose Technology, which is also a basic platform for short videos. When you join Osmose Technology or Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd, they will tell you that you will get Rs.20 when you use the app daily for 5-10 minutes.

Because the app contains advertisements which is why you are encouraged to use this app and there is no confirmation that you will get Rs.20 per day.

Is Osmosis technology fake or real? | Osmosis technology scam | (private limited osmosis technology)

Now the company’s website is totally shut down and there are many negative reviews on Youtube and other platforms and many people are saying that the amount the company charges for each person seems to be low, but the fact is that very few people earn that much. reimbursement of business money.

So this is a fake and fraudulent company that took all the money and just disappeared and these people that were on YouTube saying it was real they were saying it because their money is blocked too and they want earn money.

Is it safe to invest money in Osmose Technology? | Is it a scam or is it real?

No it is not safe to invest money in Osmose Technology or Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd as they will say you will make money but there is no legit evidence from the company or of the opinion that someone made money from it.

And yes, it is a scam.

How does Osmose Technology benefit from this? (Osmose technology business plan)

They earn money easily because when you register with the company it is totally free but if you want to earn money you have to be a member of the company which costs around Rs 1180. So let say 10,000 people have joined or registered the business then it will be around 1 crore 18 lakhs and you will not get the money back and there is no video of who made the money you invested .

And not only was the app they had released and all the users were using and seeing ads, but the company was also making money from it. They are even closed, but they still made millions in profit in just a few months.

How to make money with Osmose Technology?

To make money with Osmose Technology, you need to make sure that you join more.

What is the Osmose market?

Osmose Market is a place where you can buy a product from the e-commerce site, when you join the business you have to pay Rs. 1200 and then you will get Rs.1200 coupons from which you can buy the product.

And you will get this Rs.1200 in the form of Rs.20 every day when you watch a video or use the app which is Pickfick.

But let me tell you the truth step by step:

1. Company registration

When you check the company registration, you will find that the company is not registered as an MLM company or a product based company.

But the company is registered as a more service-oriented company, providing services related to the website.

2. Your e-commerce site

When you visit the website, you will see that most of their social media links were empty or suspended and they have no return policy which seems genuine.

Now, speaking of when you buy a product, you won’t have the option to register, no e-commerce platform does.

  • And the website is not fully built, images cannot be loaded properly.
  • Customer Service Check There is no direct customer service.

So overall considering this website as a seasoned digital marketer no ecommerce website looks like this and no ecommerce platform is half built if it’s was a registered company.

What is Osmose Shopping?

Osmosis shopping is also another type of e-commerce platform which is built like a very big brand website but when you open it, the information is mostly indigestible because the website has no section about us and no they don’t.

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