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Users must opt-in to access premium content, like as coins or credits, by participating in rewarded surveys, which are modified short market research questionnaires developed for game apps. 

Market research surveys are the gold standard for gathering any type of market data. The idea is to gather information from a tiny portion of a market in order to forecast what the complete market wants. 

By establishing a clear value exchange, game makers may monetize apps to optimize income, boost engagement, and keep players interested. An opt-in delivery system enhances match between survey and respondent while also improving the delivery experience.

Monetize Game Apps with Rewarded Surveys:

Rewarded surveys can be a high-converting solution for those game creators that want to add an extra money stream to their gaming apps. For a variety of reasons, rewarding users for completing tasks can be quite advantageous to game app developers: 

Rapidoreach Rewarded Surveys can help game developers supplement their income by paying them for each successful survey they complete. Rapidoreach CPA Model (Cost per Action) provides a strong incentive for game developers: surveys pay 5x more than rewarded videos and up to 20x more than traditional ad formats.

Monetize your mobile apps with online rewarded surveys be a high converting solution for publishers’  or advertisers mobile apps, to add an extra revenue stream. 

Monetize your apps with rewarded surveys, market research info can function as a compass, steering each choice an organization makes to take them one step closer to their goal of successfully converting and maintaining their target audiences. 

Rewarded surveys come into performance, reducing short the reign of rewarded videos in the app monetization program. Rewarded online surveys are transformed into short market research surveys designed for mobile apps, that user’s opt-in to participate.

Mobile rewarded research solves the issue for publishers by unlocking easy access to a massive worldwide target audience willing to engage with market research online surveys. 

When a publisher integrates rewarded research into their app or game, they are participating in a massive industry budget shift from online panel’s → to mobile apps and games. 

Rewarding users to finished online surveys can be truly effective for app publishers for a number of factors, it is an excellent method to monetize non-payers the vast majority of users in mobile apps, and it encourages targeted users to stay engaged in the parent app. 

On average, users from the U.S. and U.K earn about average $2 for single survey completion, leading to the ad industry’s highest eCPMs. Monetizing your app with rewarded surveys has numerous other advantages, which we find more valuable than just high CPM values. Rewarded surveys are a well-known choice because they can be extremely engaging and deliver some of the highest CTRs of all formats. 

Publishers need new and impressive ways to monetize their apps with rewarded surveys, websites, or mobile app users are presented with the opportunity to complete a quick questionnaire in exchange for in-app currency. 

Once the surveys are completed, data is received by the researcher, a payment is sent to the developer. The researcher obtains the data they need, and the developer has access to a new origin of revenue. 

Rapidoreach capabilities large numbers of rewarded surveys, assisting publishers to monetize their apps while gaining powerful user insights. It’s an extremely easy user flow that keeps on rewarding. Get started, generating revenue in your app today.

Why Publishers should switch to rewarded surveys:

  1. Interactive: 

Online rewarded surveys are fun, users love to read and answer online paid surveys, and it’s like a game active in the process.

  1. User-centric: 

Rewarded surveys are more focused on individuals, I could give my opinion by answering surveys, and I feel like my opinion is valued in market research.

  1. Unpredictable: 

Rewarded surveys are interesting, worth more, and nonrepetitive, the ads get old, and answering surveys give us something different to do every time.

  1. Highly Rewarding: 

Rewarded surveys earn me more bugs, it saves me more money because a survey offers more rewards, no limitation on surveys, it’s more interactive and I can earn more points at a time, answering surveys pay well.

  1. Faster and easier: 

It is a fun and relaxing way to spend your day because it’s much easier and faster, Ads take too long and surveys take less time to finish.

  1. Full opt-in control: 

I can do a survey on my time and be more selective, I prefer to be in control and fill out the survey at my own speed, I feel there’s more control over what I see, work from home, doesn’t restriction of the time period for answering surveys.

Rapidoreach makes it simple for developers as well as publishers to implement rewarded surveys in their apps. Rewarded surveys lead to increased user engagement. They present the users with a bunch of various online tasks to complete to achieve the bugs. 

Monetizing your app with rewarded surveys is excellent for your user experience, as it appears like a fair deal for the user. Watching an online video or ads to get something seems a lot much better than being forced to do so. Due to the high engagement rates, rewarded surveys pay significantly a lot more than banner ads. 

From a monetization perspective, rewarded research is a viable source of generating revenue, Rewarded survey research experiences are powered by in-app virtual currency. Users are happy to opt-in and engage with their surveys because they are rewarded, in real-time, with the virtual currency native to the apps they’re using at the time.


When implemented appropriately, rewarded surveys for apps creators can work well with the current monetization system, introduce freemium users, pay more, and increase retention and conversion.

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