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If you are a true motorcycle enthusiast, the chances are that you don’t miss out on any opportunity to take the vehicle out for a ride. After all, nothing beats the joy of exploring the open world on a motorcycle. However, if you are planning to relocate to another city or even a country, you would want your motorcycle to be transported too. So, what should you do? Well, contact a local shipping company. There are many Dubai movers if you are living in Dubai. Such companies will make sure to transport your bike to your destination safely, and in time.

4 Shipping Options 

Shipping is one of the reliable ways to transport your vehicle from one place to another. Let’s expand on this further. There are four different types of shipping that you can consider:

#1. DIY

DIY or Do-It-Yourself will give you the freedom to how and when you want to ship your motorcycle. However, this approach might not be inexpensive. If you are planning to ship the two-wheeler yourself, you will have to have a trailer or a truck that should be large enough to accommodate the motorcycle. Plus, you will need clam buckles, ramps, and tie-downs. If you don’t have the right equipment, you can possibly damage your bike. Also, do keep in mind that opting for this way means that there will be fuel costs and road trip expenses that you will have to bear. In addition, there may be some wear and tear on your bike. 

#2. Freight Company

If the DIY approach is not for you, try contacting a freight company. These companies can move large shipments easily across the country and are always on time. So, if you hire them and they commit to delivering your ride in a fixed number of days, rest assured, they will keep their word. However, there’s one downside. Usually, these companies will ask you to enclose your motorcycle in a steel or wood crate. And this can be a bit expensive. Also, it will take some time for the crate to be built for the bike. 

#3. Independent Haulers

There are services like uShip where there are a lot of decent independent haulers who can do the shipping job for you. Whenever you enter information on these services like what kind of motorcycle you own and where you want to ship it to, the independent haulers can place their respective bids, which you can then check. Once you find the most economical option, you can reach out to them and ask questions like if they have any experience shipping bikes.

#4. Professional Bike Shippers

You will find a lot of companies that specialize in shipping motorcycles. It’s a better decision to go for them as they don’t just have the experience and the know-how, but they also have the necessary equipment to make the shipping process a breeze. However, do keep in mind that this option is going to cost you more than hiring independent haulers. But, at the same time, if you hire professionals for the shipping of your bike, you will have complete peace of mind. 

Steps to Ship a Motorcycle

When it comes to shipping a motorcycle, there are a few steps that you need to know about. Here they are:

#1. Figure Out the Trailer You Want to Haul Your Two-Wheeler 

The first and foremost thing that you should think about is whether to have your ride shipped in an open or an enclosed trailer. Choosing the latter will protect your bike much better. 

#2. Get Quotes

You can reach out to different shippers and find out how much they charge for shipping motorcycle. After that, compare their prices with one and another and then select the one which you think suits your budget.

#3. Connect with the Company

Once you have made your decision, connect with the company that you want to go with and schedule the service.

#4. Note the Condition of Your Two-Wheeler

It’s important to note the condition of your motorcycle shipping before handing it over to the company for shipping. You can also take images of your vehicle and share them with the carrier so that if there is any wear and tear after the shipping, you can have a talk with the company. 

#5. Make Sure Your Bike’s Ready for Shipping

You should now take some time out to make sure that your motorcycle is ready to be shipped. You can empty the gas tank if you want. Also, disconnect the batteries. Moreover, make sure that you do not forget any personal belongings like a helmet. 

#6. Ship Your Ride

The shipping company will come and collect your motorcycle. They can even call you to their depot to expedite the process. 

#7. Receive Your Motorcycle

You can now meet the carrier to get your motorcycle. When you receive your ride, make sure to inspect it for any damage. 


It doesn’t matter how much you love your motorcycle; it sure becomes difficult to move it from one destination to another. Hence, many people opt for shipping. You can do that too! Just choose the type of shipping that you think will work best for you. And if you are hiring a moving company to ship the two-wheeler, make sure to remember the aforementioned steps as they will help smoothen the process. 

Good luck!

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