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how to start a blog

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It doesn’t take more than a lot of work to become a blogger and entrepreneur. All you have to do is to build a decent quality regularly. On other hand, becoming a successful blogger is much more difficult. Transforming a blog from scratch into a never-ending stream of success requires careful planning, smart decisions, and strategic steps. how to start a blog? Here are the steps to follow

Step # 1: Choose the perfect niche for your blog

To start and run successful blog, you need to choose the right niche for
your blog. First, make sure you choose the niche that interests you the most, the one that you like. This way you will follow your passion and enjoy your blogging journey.

Second, you need to choose a niche that will generate enough interest from
the audience. Once you have chosen a niche, I also suggest you confirm it. Below is a three-step formula to validate the success of your niche.

A three-step process to verify the success of your blog:

  • Check the size of the niche.
  • Research your competitors.
  • Analyze the potential for monetization.

This process will help you gain a clear understanding of the size, competition, and monetization potential of your proposed niche. If you’re not sure how to select and validate a blog niche, read our detailed guide.

Step # 2: Choose your blogging platform

At this point, you will need to search for the best blogging platforms and
determine the type of blog management software you intend to use. I recommend that you create your own blog using the offline settings that I show in this tutorial. For many aspiring bloggers, it is tempting to use free hosting platforms like or

It is important to understand that “free” always has limitations. First, blog name will be set as a subdomain. Second, you will obey its rules and restrictions. The free options are useful if you want to test the platform.
But if you’re serious about blogging, sooner or later you’ll have to start
paying for full services and your own domain name.

Self-hosted blogging solutions

When it comes to standalone systems (also called a content management system or CMS), you have several options. The most popular is the free open source

Self-hosted platforms allow you to create and run your blog using your own
domain and web hosting. You are solely responsible for your blog and its
content. It will only cost a few dollars a month for a web space (hosting
account) and about ten dollars a year for your own domain name. The most
current blogging software is free. If you plan to advertise, sell products or services through your blog, this is the best way. Many hosting providers can help you maintain ecommerce blog. How much does it cost to create a blog?

Step # 3: Choose Domain Name

Your domain name will be name by which you will be known on Internet, no matter which niche you choose. This is the unique address for your blog on Internet. Domain will be yours as long as continue to pay an annual fee ($ 10 to $ 15 per year for a domain).

Users who know your domain (/ URL is a uniform resource locator) can simply type it into their browser’s address bar. Others will be able to find through search engines like Google and Bing, so you should definitely find a unique name. If you can’t find domain name you want, Bluehost will let you choose a free domain later. This will give you time to research and reflect.

Step # 4: Get a Web Hosting Account

After choosing a domain name, choosing a reliable cheap web hosting provider will be one of the most important decisions you will make.

To a large extent, functionality and performance of your site will depend on
the hosting of your blog. The hosting makes sure your site is available to
potential readers 24/7, and that’s where your content and files are stored
online. Most hosting companies will also provide free domain for the first year when you purchase their services. The wrong web host can cause a lot of problems with your blog. Imagine choosing a mobile phone company that has no reception. Your web hosting is an important piece of the puzzle in creating a successful blog; Hence, you must choose a reliable supplier.

Based on our research and information available on the official WordPress
site, Bluehost is the best option according to many blogger experts.

Step 5: create a blog in WordPress

Section provides detailed information to help you register a web hosting
account and create a WordPress blog. I’ll show you how to blog with Bluehost as an example.

Step # 6: choose a topic and create blog

The first thing blog needs is a face design. Installing and setting up new WordPress theme is fun and pretty easy. In your WordPress dashboard, on the Appearance tab, click Themes. You will be presented with several popular options. You can click the Themes button on and search for free themes.

Here’s a quick guide to choosing a theme using search in your WordPress dashboard: Read the description: Most topics contain short descriptions of functions and capabilities. After reading it, you can understand if the topic suits your needs.

Theme Preview – Preview a theme (demo) to get an idea of ​​the overall look,
layout, and degree of customization. Check the Ratings – The star ratings will be visible in the preview and below the theme details so you can get an idea of ​​how good the theme is.

If you can’t find a topic that you absolutely like, don’t worry. Stop at
what you like and you can always change it in the future. After installing a theme, don’t be surprised if it still looks bad. This is just skeleton of your blog. To make it attractive, you need to fill it with content (text, photo, video, etc.).

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