Choosing and Arranging Health Insurance for Employees

Health Insurance for Employees
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When applying for a job, employees often ask the employer about the availability of health insurance in the social package. If your company still does not have such a benefit, this material is for you.

A little about HI and its benefits

MassMutual Health insurance is a program through which an employee can receive the necessary medical care.ugh which an employee can receive the necessary medical care. The HI policy for employees is drawn up by the employer, and often this benefit is included in the social package.

The health insurance for small businesses can include a wide variety of options: calling a doctor at home, taking tests, carrying out various medical procedures, dental and even cosmetology services, and sometimes vouchers to a sanatorium, and reimbursing the cost of drugs, and paying for medical assistance to relatives of employees.

How to arrange

If you decide to introduce medical insurance in the company, then this step must be recorded in the documents. Usually, an order is issued in free form, where all the nuances are prescribed, including those responsible for the implementation of the HI. All details are also indicated in the local regulatory act along with the general provisions, the conditions of the MI, the validity periods, the established amounts, and the procedure for issuing the policy. It is necessary to familiarize employees with these documents.

The presence of HI in the company is also recorded in employment contracts. Usually, HI is assigned to employees who have successfully passed the probationary period.

How to choose

First, decide on the criteria for choosing an insurance company: its rating, customer focus, responsiveness – you can learn about all this from reviews on the Internet. Pay attention to the partners of the insurer: first of all, with which medical institutions it works. Reviews about them are also worth studying.

Most importantly, check the insurance company’s license to operate. And there are also various ratings of insurance companies that you can see and select the one for yourself. 

An important caveat for small organizations: often insurance companies limit the minimum number of people who can be insured. So it may be more profitable for small organizations to negotiate not with an insurance company, but directly with a medical institution.

Remember to always communicate and demand an individual approach. No “leave a request in our call center”! Immediately request contact with a direct curator who will guide and advise you. Your task is to convey the requirements to the representative of the insurance company, discuss the scope of services and the insurance amount that the company is ready to spend.

You can go a simpler way. An insurance broker will help you conclude a HI contract with an insurer: he will make a comparative offer for all companies and will deal with paperwork. Brokers receive remuneration either from insurance companies or from the ordering company. The second option will require investments from the company, but you can be sure of the broker’s objectivity.


When choosing health insurance for small businesses, pay attention to the coverage, the list of available clinics, and their class, be sure – to the exceptions that are spelled out in each contract. For the presence of an annual preventive examination. The speed of reaction and processing of requests and the ability to contact through instant messengers. Everything, of course, depends on the budget that you are willing to spend. 

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