How Can Google Assistant Shape The Future of AI-Based Technology?

Google Assistant
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We live in an exciting era, particularly in innovation, technology, progress, and commerce. Some of the most recent technological innovations, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, impact every industry. AI-powered voice assistants have already changed the eCommerce trend. eCommerce giants continue to fuel this trend as they compete for market share. For keeping up with consumer demands, voice interfacing is advancing at a breakneck pace in the healthcare and banking industries. As the name implies, Google Assistant assists you in quickly searching your query online or on your computer systems. Google Assistant is an AI at its core. It is supported in both Android and iOS. It is formed so that the user can converse using their natural voice and accent.

What is Google assistant?

Google Assistant is Google’s virtual assistant. Google Assistant debuted as an extension of Google Now, intending to be more personal while expanding on Google’s existing “OK Google” voice controls. Initially, Google Now intelligently retrieved relevant information for you. It knew your meetings, where you worked, and travel plans, your favourite sports teams, and what you were interested in, so it could present you with relevant information. Google Now has long been defunct, but assistant exists in the same space, combining these customized elements with a huge range of voice control. Google Assistant allows both text and voice input and will continue the conversation regardless of which method you use.

It aids in keeping your spirits up:

You can communicate your feelings to your virtual friend or companion. It will launch games or music, for example, to brighten your mood. If you are feeling down, it will take you to a funny joke. In the event of boredom, it can direct you to something interesting, such as a poem. To play the game, you do not even need to download it. You can now do the same thing online with the google assistant android phone, which is a fantastic addition. Hence, these are some of the features and benefits of using Google Assistant that one can take advantage of.

Sending messages quickly:

We all get to the point where we want to stop talking, and the assistant has the solution. You can ask the assistant to ‘Send a message with WhatsApp’ and then say what you want to send. It reads the message back to you for confirmation after you tell it. That still sounds a little long, but it is better than typing when you are not in the mood. This feature is useful if you cannot or do not want to take your phone out of your pocket. This feature works with all types of headphones, but while it works without any changes in the settings for Bluetooth headphones, it requires a change in the settings for wired headphones.

It can translate any language on the planet:

We can all connect to the communication gap that many of us encounter when visiting a foreign country. But Google Assistant has kept you safe in that regard as well. It can convert any phrase or word into your native language. All you have to do is say the line and the language into which you want it translated. The Google Assistant will both translate and speak out the translated line for you. This feature is still in the works. It will not recognize a quick reading of the line or multiple phrases together and will stop processing.

Scam calls can be avoided:

Are you tired of telemarketers bothering you? Then this is the most appropriate Google Assistant skill for you. If you have a later smartphone, you can ask Google Assistant to handle those annoying and unwanted calls. The latest phones have a call screen feature, which allows the assistant to answer the phone on your behalf. Even better, an onscreen transcript of the call will be displayed, allowing you to determine whether the call is from someone you can safely ignore. If it is a telemarketer, mark the call as spam and hang up. With the mobile app development, the new phones are the first to get this feature, and Google says it will be available to older phones through a software update.

Personalized interactive:

Learning Personalization entails more than just putting names at the top of emails. And it also entails staying in touch with customer preferences and actively involving them in the conversation. Personalization is essential for developing long-lasting and meaningful relationships. Businesses can use machine learning, specifically natural language processing and sentiment analysis, to determine the true meaning of customer requests and queries. Brands can produce precise responses to customers instantly by recognizing the intents in those requests.

Push notifications through voice:

Voice notifications are an effective way to keep users engaged within the application. Reminders, promotions, and information can all benefit from notifications. Push notifications are preferred by 55 to 60 per cent of all mobile users, which means that businesses have a better chance of reaching their target audience with adequate and updated messages. Voice assistants are also intended to unite third-party apps for voice push notifications. For example, the android app Development Company enables Google assistant to have this capability, allowing them to notify users about everything from calendar appointment reminders to music streaming services.

The way people search will change:

As online shoppers’ adoption rates continue to rise and voice search like Google assistant remains at the top of the eCommerce sales funnel, eCommerce sites must ensure that they have the tools necessary to grasp content and communicate with customers. Brands can develop long-term relationships with customers by engaging them.

Integration and compatibility:

Shortly, voice assistants will most likely be integrated into a wide range of products. Google also recently released a new product called Google Assistant connect, enabling manufacturers to create custom devices that incorporate this technology.

Concentrate on security:

Some voice device users are concerned about their device’s confidentiality while in use. As a result, Google has implemented several security measures in their voice assistant technologies. New solutions are also being developed to make it more secure for customers to purchase items using VoIP.

It can read the news:

You must tell Google Assistant to read out the news for me or listen to the news or something similar, and it will speak out the news for you at the same time. By shifting to the Google Assistant options, you can change the genre or channel of news to your liking. You can also remove or modify the default news sources. It is a useful feature that also saves you from the stains that one’s eyes must endure.

Wrapping it up

Google Assistant is a strong virtual assistant that is constantly improving. All of the features mentioned above can help to shape the future of AI-based technology in the healthcare industry. They can be even more useful if you are pressed for time and need to multitask

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