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Gym Equipment: In this fast-paced world, most people are engaged in a job or a service to earn a living. From morning day shifts to busy nights, people don’t get much time to spend on themselves. Especially after the pandemic, things have taken a big turn. Now, there is a constantly growing awareness of health, immunity, and hygiene. Some people who are fitness enthusiasts or those who are regular gym-goers are always aimed at keeping their body healthy and sound amidst all the odds. But because of the busy schedule, even these people find it very difficult to manage their gym workouts outside.

So to avoid such complications, people have come out with better and suitable alternatives.

With new innovative ideas and advancements in lifestyle, it is now possible for anyone to have a proper gym constructed in their homes. Since people cannot afford to visit the gym regularly, having a gym at home couldn’t be a better idea. Now, it is obvious that in order to have a home-based gym it is necessary to have the best home gym equipment but what is equally important at the same time is to also have appropriate gym flooring. Just like before constructing a house it is mandatory to build a strong foundation for support, similarly having a strong and suitable gym flooring is also needed for a home gym.

Why is gym flooring so essential?

Gym floors are made to withstand heavy gym equipment, constant vibration, and strong resistance. These floors are meant to be strong and durable to support such heavy machines. The heavier the gym machines, the stronger the flooring has to be. Along with that, people who exercise on the floor also need a strong grip to hold their bodies. A strong grip stands to be one of the most important characteristics of a gym floor. If the grip is weak or if there is not enough friction on the floor, then people working out in the gym will have certain difficulties in managing their workout. There will be unintentional movement of the body as well as of the gym machine. To prevent such risks, it is important to have sufficient grip so that any sort of accident or injury can be avoided. Constant workout also involves a lot of sweating and bad odour and because of this reason, sometimes it is also advised to install good quality gym tiles so that it provides enough cleaning measures for proper hygiene.

What are the things that are to be kept in mind before starting the flooring?

Designing the floor of a residential gym can be one of the most exciting parts of the process. Just as gym equipment and machines require careful examination before a purchase, similarly flooring also needs a good amount of analysis before it is bought. Flooring should be done with a perspective. If the home gym is meant to be used by outsiders with a view of a commercial gym, then it should be done in a way to meet the demands of the users and their fitness routine.

Given below are some points that should be kept in mind before starting the flooring process.

1.     Survey your home gym floor.

2.     Check out whether your floor is concrete, wooden, or of any other form.

3.     Have a check on the spacing of the room.

4.     Determine the strength and durability of the floor.

5.    Make sure that if any early preparation or mending is needed, it should be done well in advance.

Are there any variations in gym floors?

Gym flooring or gym tiles are offered in a massive range to the buyers. They come in lots of varieties, colour, designs, brands, and materials. You can choose the most suitable type of flooring as per your needs and preference.

Rubber Gym Flooring

This type of flooring is very common and can be widely observed in gyms. It is used as a good support for heavyweight machines like treadmills, weightlifting rods, and other machines and equipment. The flooring provides good resistance and grip and is usually very long-lasting.

Foam Gym Flooring

Foam gym flooring is highly preferred in cardio workouts. It is an excellent choice for martial artists, gymnasts, and MMA. Working on it provides a relief to athletes but is not an ideal option for heavy machines and equipment as it becomes prone to permanent indentations

Carpet Gym Flooring

Carpet gym flooring consists of interlocking tiles with padding that acts as a great option for home gyms situated in the basement or ground floor. It is good to work out on these tiles as the carpet provides warmth and comfort while the padding provides a  cushion. However, it needs prevention from moisture.

Composite Gym Flooring

This type of flooring as the name suggests is a mixture of a variety of materials and is also known as hybrid gym flooring. For martial arts and workout mats, it is bonded with cross-linked  polyethylene foam. As per the demand and usage, this type of flooring can be easily adapted with other floorings.

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