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Having a website related to booking means managing tons of appointments and time schedules. For the WordPress website, you have the option for Free WP Appointment & Scheduling Plugin.  If you want to let your customer book an online appointment from your WP website, it makes your business grow more and get better exposure than you may have thought.

Fast, Super-easy and Reliable for Businesses

Appointment & Scheduling Plugin is the super easy and fastest setup that lets you do work on an instant basis. Additionally, the developers have readily kept it light and simple so it has the best performance even for newbies and for those who are new to it. All you have to do is to download; install and setup it for making ready-to-use performance.

It keeps you satisfied with the superlative solution to appointments and booking for your running business. There are thousands of businesses already using it and it fits best to any organization from large to small business.

Also it offers you to manage the booking calendar, services, and client base all in a single place. Majorly saves time and makes booking confirmed without wasting time.

Additionally, the friendly interface, responsive design for all devices and the minimal data input demands are few of its benefits to consider. With that the option of SMS and email notifications lets you get alerts regardless of wherever you are.

Online Scheduling

It allows customers to make hassle-free online appointments no matter if they own a website or use Facebook, or an online booking app! That is a major highlight that makes the booking frequency higher and makes usage flexible. Moreover, the appearance of the advertised service on your site enables you to get infinite direct reservations. also free WP Appointment & Scheduling Plugin offers you to gather and manage appointment information, manages employees, and also offers waitlists.

Management of WordPress Schedule Calendar and Installation

The first thing you get from the WordPress plugin for appointments is the seamless management and optimized user experience from the dashboard. Instantly boost your company’s performance, revenue, customers and make things easier. Additionally, it also works with the pre-defined existing calendars such as Google, iCal, iPhone, Android, or Outlook that automatically import and export appointments that are available. 

With the WP Appointment Booking Pro, the time you get the instant time slots marked as busy. The installation is super easy and if you still face any issue, the support team gets back to you within 24 hours (Holidays exclusive). For the Support Team Ticket, go to the dashboard, choose Download Tap and find the Free Responsive Admin Theme Download Box. From there click on the Support Ticket button and enter your website URL, FTP, C-panel and mention your trouble/issue in detail. Click on Save and the support team will get back to you.

Payment Solutions

When you are running a business, it becomes your duty to offer reliability and security to your customers. With the Free WP Appointment & Scheduling Plugin you have the most secured online payment system. The benefit of pre-working performance comes with online and offline payment acceptance through PayPal and Stripe. Its diverse payment alternative is appreciated from a customer-end perspective. Whereas for offline payments you get the ‘pay on arrival’ for making offline payment secured.

Making Appointments Isn’t Enough?

When making appointments isn’t enough to handle the business WP put forward the strategic staff monitoring performance. The important data of employees including photographs, names, emails, addresses, and so on gets controlled in the plugin. Also it uses an ERP system for monitoring and is compatible with the team’s calendars! You can add multiple services and workers and give them sessions and assignments. WP Appointment & Scheduling Plugin is efficient enough to support companies with larger staff. In addition the assurance of permission is there so that the workers may book customers and manage their sessions.

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