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When you use the Internet regularly, there is a high possibility of clicking on links to download Apps or files. It is essential to be thoroughly aware of how you could download files securely without risking or harming your laptop or PC.

Here are some things to strongly follow when you need to download files from the Internet:

Avoid downloading apps or files from unknown sources

There are hundreds of free applications that are available online. You just need to Google ‘free’ with whatever software you want, and you will find something useful. But if you like to try these sorts of free applications, you need to beware or take caution to make sure you download apps and files safely. Most of these apps and files are not what they look like. There are always the chances that you might download dangerous malware or viruses that you would never want.

To prevent such malicious programs and apps from installing, you would have the option of always disallowing installation of such programs from unknown and unauthorized sources. Microsoft and Apple both have App stores where you can easily search and then download apps. Solely installing apps from your machine’s respective app stores make sure that they were properly checked and tested for malware and viruses. In addition to this, they must pass the store’s privacyonline and internetetsecurite as well. Remember, downloading any installation files from the Internet directly could be more dangerous. Therefore, choose only trusted sites like, as they are genuine sites with copyrighted content.

Before downloading, scan the files

One crucial step before downloading anything is – scan it properly for viruses. Most of the anti-virus software allows you to scan the files for any malicious content. Others will instruct you to open the software first before scanning the file you just downloaded. When you download a file before you scan it for viruses, ensure not to open it until you are clear that it’s clean or free from viruses.

Do your research applications via user reviews & applications always

Before you download a free application or a program, make it your habit to do extensive research and even investigate enough information about it by using an online search. Properly check the various names of the program, followed by the keywords like – “virus,” “safe,” “scam,” and then see what it shows.

Never download anything without a spyware or virus scanner

First of all, if you surf the web unprotected, you should please immediately disconnect it. There are several scams and threats that circulate out there, and they use many ways to attack you maliciously. All it needs some clicks to get in the bad stuff, so it is always appreciable when there is little help from the security software.

Check for any sneaky bloatware always

Nowadays, legitimate downloads have a bad habit of sneaking into other toolbars or applications you don’t require. These types of prompts either occur during the download or installation process. You must keep a close watch on bloatware such as registry or PC cleaners, download managers, browser homepage alterations, or search toolbars which they entice you for installing.

Before clicking “Next” on any installer, read closely and watch out for checkboxes that opt you into several services by default, and also try to understand what the “Accept” buttons mean. The installation of bloatware counts on the user being careless or eager.

Never ever download pirated or cracked software & files

Peer-to-peer sharing of files is “cracked” or “unlocked” versions of paid software. It may tempt you to download these so-called torrent files of known paid software, but you might be taking a considerable risk every time you download these. Never forget to strictly follow the listed instructions that you must have the proper technical knowledge in the first place.

If you are interested in downloading files safely, choose to find original site content the pirateproxybay as your favorite creators of helpful content as well. Everything means all the content is inside an extensive database with peers, upload dates, leechers, peers, and names, and they get updated constantly in real-time. So, you can choose the files accordingly.

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