Things to Take Note of When Designing Custom Business Flyers

Custom Business Flyers
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A well-designed flyer can become a major part of your company’s fan culture and branding. It communicates a simple but eye-catching message about your company’s activities and includes a very important call for action for your current and prospective customers. And while designing custom business flyers can seem like a simple process, there is a lot more with it than meets the eye. Let’s dive into it! 

Size and Shape 

The first thing to consider when printing company flyers is their size and shape. It might seem like a no-brainer since most companies opt for traditional rectangular flyers having default dimensions. But you might want to experiment when it comes to designing your own flyer.

  • Crafting an original and compelling flyer has never been easier. Especially now that the Internet is teeming with out-of-the-box flyer making tools. And today, you can easily find a free flyer maker online to put together a great flyer for your business in no time.  
Designing Custom Business Flyers
Designing Custom Business Flyers

Next, decide whether you want to create a giant flyer for office entryways or a small one to send to your clients. Remember that if you’re choosing an unusual shape, it will impact your final cost in printing because it needs to be specially cut. This is also a step where you need to determine if your flyer is going to be classic and traditional-looking or more sophisticated or even eccentric. While the former is the best bet for announcing formal events like conferences or seminars, the latter can be just great for attracting your customers’ attention to upcoming sales or special offers. 

Design Process 

Great flyer design can be both bright or carried out in muted colors. The choice of a color palette also largely depends on the event you aim to promote and your personal preferences. It’s also important to keep in mind that while the main purpose of your flyer is to inform your clients or partners of the event you’re putting on, it still shouldn’t be crowded with text. Readers want to get a maximum of relevant information in just a couple of sentences. So, it’s a good idea to include only essential information like your brand name, venue, time, and a call to action, of course. If you want to produce a stunning effect with your poster, lean on color and visual elements to make more people notice your flyer. The brighter and simpler your flyer, the more effective it will ultimately be. Remember that even complex imagery can be simplified into shades and shapes to communicate your message more clearly than something that is photo-realistic and requires a closer look.  

When using text, you’ll want to use bold typography to help you flyer stand out and clearly express your call to action. Should you discover that your flyer takes effort to read and understand, consider rewording your sentences or include less text. Your clients just won’t bother trying to figure it out. Of course, you want to incorporate your brand colors, fonts, and logo to really inject your personality into the flyer. Also, don’t shy away from trying some new variations of your brand style to make it even more conspicuous and compelling. 

Bonus Tips

And now there are some purely technical considerations that you need to think about when designing your flyers. 

  • Make sure to have standards from your flyer manufacturer. Their recommendations on resolution and file type will be key in your final product living up to your own expectations for quality. 
  • Have your designer take bleed into account. You don’t want part of your design getting trimmed off because it’s right up to the edge of the file. 
  • You also want to make sure your designer is using CMYK instead of RGB. Most printing services still print in CMYK, and if you send them an RGB file, they might have trouble printing it. If you have any doubt or questions, be sure to double-check with your print provider. 

These are some basic recommendations that will help you create an effective flyer within the shortest possible time and boost your business.  

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