How to Create an Effective SEO Strategy: Step by Step

SEO Strategy
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Creating an effective SEO strategy that will help you get recognized on Google is extremely important. There are various different ways you can approach this task, but these 5 steps are the most crucial ones you can take to ensure a successful SEO strategy. 

Source Your Keywords

The most important thing you need to do is to do your keyword research. All you need to do is go to Google and search for your keyword. Pay attention to Google Suggest. It’s the dropdown menu of related keywords that will appear once you search your keyword. Essentially, Google Suggest will help you find keywords that are high in demand. These are the keywords Google knows are mostly looked for by online users.

Also, try to notice the difference between long-tail keywords such as high-quality coffee machines and short-tail ones like coffee machines. 

Snoop the First Page

When doing your research, it’s also important for you to research your competition. Try doing some manual competitive analysis when it comes to keyword research. When you look up your keyword see what kind of content and sites are ranking for the category of the keyword you searched for. What are the first three results that show up once you search your keyword on Google? Are these image galleries, blog posts, listicles, or something different? 

Once you do your research on the top few Google results, try your best to mimic their content and try to improve the content you’re publishing according to what these successful sites are doing. In doing so, just make sure to avoid fully copying their style and content. Take what works for you and try to keep some of your own authenticity in the content you publish. 

Write Your Content

Speaking of which, your content is probably the most important factor that can help boost your SEO efforts. After you’ve carefully done your research on the keywords you’ll be using, it’s time to create adequate content. 

For instance, you want to write an article about coffee machines and you want to rank for “how to use a coffee machine”. All the top results you get under this title point you to content that includes step-by-step articles and blog posts.

If you want to compete with that content, you also need to use “how to use a coffee machine” keyword and work it into your list. You should also use several related keywords such as “types of coffee machines” and “quality coffee machines”. By doing this, you will add more content to your page that adds value to the searcher. If you use more related keywords, you’ll have a bigger chance of getting discovered than when you only use your primary keyword.

Optimize On-page SEO and Keyword Usage

When it comes to creating an effective SEO strategy, it’s always a smart move to mention your primary keyword every 100 words approximately. If a blog post has 10,000 words you want to use your primary keyword around 10 times. Additionally, try to place your keyword in important positions such as H1 tags, headings, titles, and so on. If applicable, you should also add images that pair up with the keyword-based titles and Alt description. 

This is just the surface level of what optimizing On-page SEO can do to help you get larger online traffic. Many companies in Australia specialize in creating effective SEO strategies. Hence, if you’re new to SEO and would love to have some professional guidance at the beginning, you can find high-quality SEO services in Sydney that will help you get started.

Build Links

Lastly, to wrap this up, you have to build quality backlinks if you want your SEO efforts to pay off. Here’s how this works. 

If the top 100 pages on Google link to a page about “coffee machines” but that page has average on-site SEO optimization, it will manage to outrank even the most perfect on-site SEO page simply because it has backlinks. They can outrank everyone even if they use backlinks from low-quality websites.

To acquire backlinks, here’s what you need to do. Send a custom email to every relevant influencer, website, or blog you can think of and ask them for a backlink. You create backlinks in the form of guest posting, finding mentions of the brands that have no backlinks yet, or creating valuable resources. Believe it or not, the most effective way to get amazing backlinks is a very old-fashioned way and it is cold outreach. Sometimes, simply asking people for what you need is enough.


Overall, there are numerous ways to create an effective SEO strategy that will boost your ranking. These 5 are probably the baseline and some of the most important steps you should take to ensure successful SEO on your website.

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