Top 10 Coding Languages Around the World

Coding Languages

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Hey there, Future Coders! So, you are planning to start your career in coding but still need clarification about where to start. Fear not, we have your back. Here’s a super-friendly guide to the top 10 coding languages that are the most popular worldwide.

Code is fun, like reading the perfect relatable meme! It is easy to start, but coding is not a solo-person game! It requires time and effort, and, most importantly, practice. Before we jump into the cool stuff, let’s talk about how these languages are important for you. 

Why Is Coding Language Important

Coding languages are like a special set of instructions that we give to computers so they can understand and do tasks as we want. It’s like talking to your computer in a language it understands.

When we want to solve problems, coding helps us break them into smaller steps.  And guess what? Learning to code is not just useful, it opens up doors to lots of interesting career paths and high paying jobs for us.

Learning to code also teaches you to think smartly, solve real-life problems, and be logical. When you work in a big MNC company, people from different parts of the world team up to work on projects. It’s like a big, friendly workplace where everyone helps make technology better.

List of Top 10 Coding Languages Around the World

Here are most popular coding languages around the world:

1. JavaScript:

JavaScript is used for making websites interactive. It’s like the language that helps buttons do things when you click on them.

2. SQL:

SQL is used for managing and organizing data. It helps keep things tidy in databases and is essential for finding specific information.

3. PHP:

PHP is a language for websites. It helps make websites do cool things and is often used in the background of many sites. You must have seen animate free videos with great graphical designs, it is because of this language. 

4. Python:

Python is a versatile language. It’s suitable for everything, like math, websites, and many more things. It’s like a helpful friend who can assist in many different tasks.

5. C++:

C++ is a language for making video games and other computer programs. It’s good at making things look great and work smoothly. If you are new to programming, we suggest starting with C++, as it is considered the base of all coding languages.

6. Java:

Java is used for building big projects, like large applications and games. It’s good for making things on a grand scale. You can do many things using Java language, just like Canva, where you can design brochures, menu, and invitation cards.

7. Ruby:

Ruby is a language that makes coding feel easy and enjoyable. It’s often used for building websites, especially with a framework called Ruby on Rails.

8. TypeScript:

TypeScript is a helper for JavaScript. It keeps your code organized and catches mistakes before they cause problems.

9. Swift:

Swift is used for making apps on Apple devices like iPhones. It ensures apps run well and looks good on Apple gadgets.

10. C#:

C# is a language that works well with Windows. It’s used for creating apps and games, especially with Microsoft products.


Coding is like having a toolbox full of tools for various jobs, and these programming languages are your dependable friends on your coding adventure. Everything involves coding, whether you’re creating interactive websites, QR codes, or converter tools like the image to video converters. Each language serves a certain purpose.

Whether it’s making games look amazing with C++, creating Windows apps with C#, or organizing data in databases with SQL, these languages empower you to bring your ideas to life in the digital realm.

So, enjoy your coding journey. Each language is a skill to add to your resume, and as you explore and learn, you will find the one that feels like the perfect fit for your coding style. All the Best!

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