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In present days social media is the ideal platform to make waves. Social media is the most powerful marketing platform we have witnessed for the last ten years. If you can properly utilize social media, it will be the best way of marketing for you. You can not be successful overnight in social media marketing, and you must know the social media marketing strategy. It would be best to have some essential social media tools to make your marketing more impactful. In this article, I will tell you about the five best social media tools options are using to succeed.

Tools For Making Social Media Video

To do social media videos for marketing is an essential thing. You need to publish videos on social media for this. To make your video attractive and practical, you need some tools. Here we will discuss the tools for creating social media videos. It is necessary to make perfect videos for marketing because people watch videos more than anything. So it is the right way to do your marketing on social media. Let’s dive into the details.

1. Doratoon

If anybody wants to create animation, then they should use Doratoon which is a versatile animation-making software. You can create videos for presentations or other work, and beginners can make animated videos with this application software. There are unique features in Doratoon. Let’s show you the Doratoon features.

● There are so many customised templates for you.

● Users can change their movement with 100+ animated characters.

● There are up to 10,000 stock props to make animated videos, and you will get 10,000+ 2D and 3D background photos.

● You can draw perfect sketches with the help of AI intelligence drawing.

● It will take care of the auto lip-sync of your animated characters.

● You can convert text to speech easily. 

For those who want to make animated videos, Doratoon is basically for them. Digital marketers, HR heads, business owners, video creators, and even students can easily use Doratoon to create animation. 

2. Canva

Canva is a tool for many kinds of design. So many people think that this is for only image design, but Canva is beyond that. You can make Facebook cover photos, infographic CVs, Instagram stories, branded images, Pinterest graphics, etc. You can even do motion graphics using Canva. Beginners can use Canva easily to do the basic designs for digital marketing. There are so many features of Canva. 

● There are so many photo effects on canvas to improve photo quality.

● You can find so many stock photos and videos templates.

● You have access to icons, shapes, and stickers. So you can make designs easily.

● Sometimes you need different fonts, and you will get many fonts.

● You can create animated images.

● You can publish your designs on social media easily.

Canva effectively makes animated images and videos for social media marketing. So this is recommended for you.

3. Soomus

We all know presenting a video during a conference is so hard. But here is Soomus to make it easy for you. You can show your ideas to the audience so conveniently to make the presentation more engaging with the help of Soomus. This is a video presentation maker. You can edit your presentation with many templates to make your display more eye-catching and exciting. Here are the features of Soomus given below.

● You can do a live presentation during a video conference. 

● You can record your video presentation.

● You can add more content in your presentation from soomus.

● You can customize the available templates.

This presentation recording software is beneficial in the business and education sectors. 

4. Biteable

Biteable is a perfect solution for video making. You can make amazing videos quickly, and this tool is helpful for social media marketers. There are some fantastic features of Biteable. 

● You can make videos in a short time, even within ten minutes.

● Biteable is suitable for beginners.

● You can add music to the video and perfectly sync them.

● Useful for digital marketing.

Biteable is necessary for people like entrepreneurs, digital marketers, HR representatives, and agencies to make animated videos for Facebook Instagram marketing. 

5. Powtoon

Powtoon is a fantastic tool for digital marketers to make animated videos and presentations. You can create more interactive and engaging content using this tool. This is a web-based program, and this tool offers you various animation styles like cartoons, infographics, whiteboards, etc. Let’s show you the features of Powtoon.

● This tool is a clean and easy-to-use interface.

● You will get so many tools and templates here.

● There is a nice collection of modern and relevant clipart, and you will find plenty of community resources.

This tool is perfect for digital marketers, business people, HR representatives to make advertisements. 

Final Words

As you want to make videos for social media marketing, these five tools can be helpful for you. All of them are perfect for creating engaging videos for your marketing purpose. The success of your social media marketing depends on videos because people watch the videos first. So if you can make the video attractive, they will visit your site. For that, you should use these tools.

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