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What is Imginn?

Imginn.com allows you to Download photos, videos and stories from instagram, a very simple instagram downloader to your mobile phone or computer. Watch Instagram stories anonymously. You will need to create additional accounts for your business, and using Facebook to complete registration requirements can be beneficial for you if you only post a few photos a day.

A Instagram account will be able to allow you to upload more than 10 images per a day. You also get 50 photo credits every month when you subscribe to this app. Any credit remaining at the end of each month is extended for additional days free of charge.

Step by step instructions for creating an account:

To create an account in this application. Follow this step given below.

  • First, create an account. Go to the main application of the website. To create a password, enter your email address. Strong passwords are required.
  • Then use the email address you provided earlier to sign in to your account.

How can I watch other people’s stories?

It’s easy to visit someone’s account using imginn. The steps are listed below.

  • You can use the app if you already have it. It can also be used online. You can search for your application name to see it. Open it.
  • As soon as you enter the site, you will see a search box.
  • You can save photos and stories. The inscriptions are also copies.

How can I use Imginn?

It is easy to use. Users can view any public Instagram celebrity or model profile. Follow these simple steps to view the public profiles of models and celebrities on Instagram.

  • Open web browser
  • Type “imginn” in your browser’s search bar.
  • For convenience and optimized search results, you can also search Google by opening Google first.
  • Open the first link (https://imginn.org/) after the announcements. It will contain the URL of the Imginn website.
  • As soon as the site loads, you will see a search bar.
  • Sign in to any public Instagram account whose stories or posts you want to view, then click Search.
  • You will see their Instagram account. However, you can view their stories anonymously.

Is it safe to use?

We cannot guarantee your online safety as it works with third party websites. Therefore, it cannot guarantee your safety on the Internet.

This is a third party website that uses the public Instagram API for all of its features. Although it uses the official Instagram API, we are not sure about its security.

How can I remove account from Imginn

By following steps you can remove the account from Imginn

  • Go to https://imginn.com/remove/
  • You will see a dialogue box with URL and Email
  • Enter the fields and click on submit
  • Your account will be removed in few days

Imginn Features

Some advantages of Imginn

  • With Imginn, you can upload a variety of posts, including images, videos, and stories.
  • This allows you to browse other Instagram accounts anonymously without anyone knowing about your upload.
  • You can view your profile and the profiles of other user accounts and download them.
  • It offers a separate menu to help download various Instagram files.
  • It’s fast, simple and hassle-free

Alternatives to Imginn

There are other websites that allow you to download content directly from Instagram accounts. We’ve listed a few to help you decide which one is right for you.


This is a website that provides non-anonymous Instagram searches. It allows users to download and search Instagram images for free. IG handle. Like imginn, it works anonymously and is completely free. Like imginn, you can search for stories and highlights and download stories and highlights.


Qoob Stories is a website that has more features than imginn. Unlike imginn, it offers the ability to upload content from personal accounts. You can now save and download videos, stories, and other posts from public and private accounts.


Glassgram gives you access to secret IG stories from targeted accounts. One of its most impressive features is that it provides GPS data for your specific account.

For Glassgran, only the initial trial version can be downloaded. This is a completely free to download application. However, there are certain fees if you want to access all of its features. Unlike Imginn, you need to register.


It is an amazing tool that users can use as an alternative to Imginn. It allows users to anonymously access images from public accounts, as well as videos and other stories. This allows you to use all of its features without having to pay any fees to the site.

How to use Imginn to save all history?

Many users find it difficult to save the full stories of their favorite content creators because they can’t save them all. It is difficult for users to keep track of their favorite accounts because there are no direct links to save entire stories. They do not receive notifications of new content and cannot follow them on a daily basis.

We will collect your Instagram timelines even if they are not in our collection. We help you make sure every update gets noticed.


If you want to follow an Instagram account without prior notice, this might be a good choice. You can also use this app to view someone’s story or Instagram profile. All this is possible with him. Apart from a few limitations, it has many useful features.

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