09 Best Online Video Editors in 2024 to Simplify Your Life

Best Online Video Editors

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Are you looking for online video editors to edit videos in no time? You are at the right place then. Here, we have gathered the best online video editors in 2024 to simplify your life!

Video editing has become an important skill for many individuals and businesses in this digital age. It’s true. 

But how?

  • Individuals edit videos and use them on different social media platforms.
  • Businesses use appealing videos, especially short ones to maintain their social media presence or for marketing purposes. 

Whatever the case, if you want engaging social media video content or professional-looking videos, you need a reliable and user-friendly online video editor. 

But before you choose from the best available video editors, you should know how to choose the right one. 

Let’s understand it!

How to choose the right online video editor?

The choice of an online video editor depends on the requirements and experience level of the person. Here are the most important factors that have to be considered while choosing the best video editor. 


Being a beginner in the editing world, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a professional-level editor. There are various user-friendly options available that are low in budget. But if there is no constraint on budget, you can choose as per your choice or the level of editing you need. 

Skill or level of experience 

The types of editor you choose largely depend on the type of skill set you have. For instance, if you are naive and choose a high-level or advanced software, then it will be of no use to you. Thus, it’s better to choose according to your experience level. 

Quality of videos

No matter what editing software you choose, it should have the capability to generate good-quality videos. 

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the best options with their features as per our research. Different online editors have different pricing plans, so you can check on the official sites and choose accordingly. 

Let’s get started with the options!

09 Best Online Video Editors in 2024

There are plenty of online video editors available in 2024 that can help you achieve your editing goals without being heavy on your pocket. Here, we will explore the best online video editors that offer many features and functionalities to enhance your videos. 

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Adobe Express

The first choice on the list is Adobe Express video editor which offers easy editing solutions with its wide range of features. The platform offers easy-to-use templates to edit videos. You can also fully personalize your videos with animations, music, texts, icons, etc. 

It helps to enhance the quality of videos with the background noise removal features. Its editing features, like, trimming, cropping, cutting, etc. are suitable for beginners as well as experienced editors. Adobe Express video editor can be one of the best choices for both personal and professional levels. 

Important Points of Adobe Express

  • It offers to resize edited videos and share them on different social media platforms.
  • It has a default content scheduler to plan every task. 
  • Apart from easy navigation and instant editing, it offers to save videos automatically. 
  • The platform offers a huge variety of audio, videos, and templates to start the editing work.  


Another versatile video editor is FlexClip which offers a huge variety of features to help you in creating professional-looking videos. The platform has a very easy-to-use interface and drag-and-drop functionality to edit the videos hassle-free. 

Apart from cutting and merging the clips, you can also add music, text, and different effects to the videos. If you want to create appealing videos of any level, FlexClip can be a considerable choice. 

Important points of FlexClip

  • You can easily select background audio along with trimming, transitions, and overlay options.
  • You can get it in three plans: Free, Plus, and Business. Every plan has its resolution and video length limit. 
  • It provides privacy too as it complies with GDPR. 
  • To make the editing process easier, It offers image, text-to-speech, AI text-to-full video, and script AI generators.


Clipchamp is a popular online video editor known for its simplicity and efficiency. It is pre-installed in Windows 11. You can also use it for free on any web platform. That means you don’t need any download and installation. 

You can have access to its huge range of tools that can help trim, merge, and add text to the videos. You can also optimize the videos with its video compression feature. This feature helps you to share optimized videos on various platforms without compromising quality. 

Important points of Clipchamp

  • You can access it anywhere as it is a web-based editor. 
  • It offers bonus content, templates, and stock footage. 
  • It also offers AI editing features.
  • Climchamp has a royalty-free music library. 


Another choice is WeVideo which is a cloud-based video editing software. This video maker platform allows you to edit videos and content collaborations to share them across various devices. 

It offers a seamless user experience with drag-and-drop functionality. Also, you can easily fetch raw videos from the phone or webcam. Overall, WeVideo offers everything you need to edit a video and take it to the next level. 

Important points of WeVideo

  • Meme maker, screen recorder, green screen, etc. are some of its content creation tools.  
  • You can use its advanced-level tools for trimming, cutting, and merging clips. 
  • It provides a content library of over 1 million images, audio clips, videos, etc. 
  • It has a transform tool palette that assists in rotating horizontally and vertically. 


The next is Kapwing which is a free online video editor that offers a big set of features to help you create engaging videos. Whether you need to trim, crop, resize, or add subtitles, Kapwing makes the editing process easier with its user-friendly interface. 

It also offers a variety of video templates and effects to have high-quality videos. If you want to effortlessly create videos for social media, presentations, or personal projects. Kapwing can be a good choice.

Important points of Kapwing

  • It doesn’t require any software installation and downloading.
  • You can easily share videos on different social media platforms. 
  • You can choose from a hundred templates to work with. 
  • You can easily merge and split videos and control the video speed. 


Another popular choice for a user-friendly video editor is iMovie which helps to transform your videos into cinematic kinds of shorts. You can easily style and edit videos with transitions, titles, and music in just a few clicks. 

It assists you in creating a well-polished video by analyzing your media library and picking up the best footage. With its variety of more than 20 video styles, you can make the video as per your choice. 

Important points of iMovie

  • The platform has over 100 soundtracks and default sound effects to use.
  • It also has a feature of voiceover recording. 
  • It has an extensive library of pre-built themes and templates.
  • The platform supports 4K resolution.


Magisto is one of the best video editing tools that help automate the editing process. With its intelligent algorithms, Magisto analyzes your clips and automatically applies edits, effects, and transitions to create powerful videos. 

You can choose from a selection of themes and styles that allow you to customize the videos according to your preferences. Magisto is an excellent choice for those who want to save time and also require high-quality results.

Important points of Magisto

  • You can easily transform the photos and clips into eye-catching videos. 
  • Its artificial intelligence-based smart editor helps to quickly create professional-looking videos. 
  • It offers a huge variety of stickers to add fun to your videos. 
  • You can personalize your videos by adding text, fonts, and different orientations. 


Another straightforward online video editor is Biteable which allows you to create professional-looking videos in minutes. With its default templates and easy-to-use interface, Biteable makes video editing accessible to everyone. 

You can customize your videos by adding text, images, and music and also adjust the video speed and aspect ratio. Whether you need to create marketing videos or personal projects, Biteable streamlines the editing process and delivers wonderful results.

Important points of Biteable

  • It provides studio-quality animations.
  • The platform also offers chat and email support. 
  • You can easily make any promo video with its default templates. 
  • Biteable offers more than 1 million images and royalty-free music to use. 

Video Toolbox

The last option on the list is Video Toolbox which is a comprehensive online video editor that provides a full suite of editing tools and features. You may not have heard about this online editor but the features it provides are good enough to consider. 

This platform fulfills the needs of professionals and non-professionals as it provides basic trimming and merging to advanced-level editing skills. Video stabilization and color correction are some of them. It also supports a wide range of video formats and offers various output options which makes it a versatile tool for all your editing requirements.

Important Points of Video Toolbox

  • You can easily add text watermarks to your videos. 
  • You can easily cut the videos from start or end as per your need. 
  • You can also record videos from a webcam or another mobile device. 
  • It allows you to create thumbnails for your videos. 

Final Thoughts

That’s all for now!

The aforementioned 09 best online editors provide a wide range of features and functionalities to simplify your video editing process. Whether you are a beginner looking to create engaging content or a professional searching for advanced editing tools, these platforms have something to offer. 

We have provided the maximum options that are free to use or offer some basic plans, so you can go for the one as per the required skill set and also under your budget. 

Be smart and choose the one that suits your needs and start transforming your videos today!

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