What Are The Benefits Of Google Play Store In Today’s Date?

benefits of google play store

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The Google Play Store – the name which is often shortened and referred to as Play Store, comes pre-installed in most devices (especially on Android-certified devices). It enables access to all the Google Play content – including music, magazines, books, movies, television programs, and apps.

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Benefits Of The Google Play Store

This space makes it easy for people to search for things online – be it through apps or media. Google Play Store is the established space for everyone. Here, the developers are able to host their apps for free and can improve their performance in accordance with users’ feedback.

The following are a few benefits of google play store –

●     Hosting apps at fair pricing

Google works as a trusted platform for app developers who are legit and gives them an opportunity to earn.

Google themselves takes up thirty percent of the profits from apps and in-app purchases, while about seventy percent of the payment goes to the developers themselves. Google also recently halved its cut to 15% in the year 2021.

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●     Grace period

Developers have the capability to give their users a grace period – for resolving issues regarding payment while their subscription remains active.

The grace period can be for 3 days, 7 days, or even 14 days. This period actually gives users the time to think over their decision to take up an app’s subscription or not.

●     It is way cheaper as compared to an Apple Store

No matter if you are a consumer or a developer, there are a few hindrances when buying services from the Google Play Store. But as compared to an Apple Store, the services are way cheaper. To add to it, you might even get services at the Play Store which you might not get otherwise at an Apple Store.

●     Best place to trade

Play Store has strict policies for developers. Not just about anyone can go and add their apps for customers.

There are a few specific conditions based on which, your app will be judged first before being put up on the app store. The most admired benefit of the Play Store is the user’s security and protection rights.

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●     Multiple Services

Play Store is not just for downloading apps. You can even take a look at the Music, videos, books and movies section. There’s HD quality videos available at low prices.

There are also gift cards available at the Play Store, which you can utilize to make some purchase of stuff that you like at a discount later on.

The Flip Side Of Google Play Store

There are two sides to everything. If there’s good of something, then there’s bound to be bad too:

●     Offshoot apps

With the original apps on the store, there’s also a trail of unoriginal and fake ones, which makes it difficult for the users to find the legit ones.

Google is also not able to produce the best results based on pricing, user ratings, and demographics.

For instance, if you search for a dictionary app, there are hundreds of results, and finding the original one is very confusing. This is the main reason why most companies host their apps on their own official websites rather than hosting on the Play Store.

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●     You have to have a Google account to use the Play Store

You have to have a valid google account in order to access the services of the Google Play Store. If you don’t have an account, then you won’t be able to use any of Google’s services.

For people who don’t use Google services primarily will definitely find this an annoying concern, as they have to gop through the tedious process of signing up with a new account that they might not even use later on.

●     Limited options

There are very limited options as to how developers can promote their apps and host them. Google has its own set of terms and conditions and set criteria that the developers fail to follow sometimes.

Additionally, they have to make so much more effort to gain users to sustain the commission that Google takes from them when they make a sale.

●     Unwanted suggestions

Google always makes their user take the hit by showing and suggesting them things that the users do not want. With books, movies, music, and app suggestions, Play Store becomes much more repetitious.

It’s frustrating enough for the users when they visit the app store to install updates after trading through all the other unoriginal apps related to the real one, then on top of that the screen shows them floods of annoying recommendations.

To Wrap It Up!

Google Play Store simplifies things for sure, but it also has its fair share of disadvantages. In conclusion, though, it is still far better than other store apps.

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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