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Cross-browser testing is all about the establishment and development of a consistent user experience across different platforms as well as devices. Cross-browser testing is a non-functional form of testing that enables to access the basic features of a website the users on different combinations of browsers, devices, or other tools. The fundamental motive of cross-browser testing is to provide a consistent experience over different browsers, devices, and platforms, thus today, it has come much into the limelight as a part of software development. App testing can be done across different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. The browsers report code errors, the speed of the site as well as the average crashes, various design flaws, any strange behavior, or difficulty in working. Here, we shall discuss some online cross-browser testing tools.

Best Online Cross-Browser Testing Tools

LAMBDA TEST: It is a cloud-based cross-browser testing tool that enables you to perform cross-browser testing across more than 2000 devices, operating systems, and devices. This testing can be performed automatically as well as manually, according to your preference. By using this, you can ensure the compatibility of your web application with different browsers and devices. You perform live testing and also screen record the entire testing, as well as take screenshots too. Moreover, you can seek the support of the technical experts at even an odd hour as they are available 24*7.

SELENIUM: This testing tool is used to automate tests across various browsers for different web applications. It ensures the high quality of the web applications as well as their regularity, responsiveness, and progress. It enables you to write test scripts in different computer-based languages. It automates the test and runs them against the browsers. However, it cannot be used directly for mobile testing, but it offers a specific framework for testing mobile apps.

GHOST INSPECTOR: It is also an automated website that checks any problem with your website. To access ghost inspector, first, you need to sign up or log in to your account. Then, you need to press the record button to record all the actions. You can set up a schedule in case you want to run your tests continually. Whenever the task is done, you are informed about it through a notification.

PERFECTO: It is designed to help different businesses test their applications on different systems and devices. It enables IT, professionals, to conduct user testing on various environments via real user simulation functionality across multiple devices. Perfecto cloud-based is a continuous testing platform that works from test creation up to the final execution and analysis. It is one of the proven and trusted platforms for online testing.

The use of cross browser testing online consist of different comparisons and analyzing every application in different browsing environment. It ensures that your website can deliver an optimal user experience and becomes browser-independent. Cross-browser testing is a type of compatibility testing that ensures integration between software and intended interfacing hardware. Here, only a few testing tools have been discussed, however, there are plenty of them.

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