7 Best London Attractions

London Attractions

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In this article we have also included the 7 best attractions worth visiting. Let us take a look!

1. Tower of London 

Take a tour of London’s most iconic landmark – the city’s fortress, royal palace, and a notorious prison. The world-famous Crown Jewels will leave you speechless. Take a Yeoman Warder tour and learn fascinating tales of betrayal, betrayal, and betrayal and stories of agony and passion. The majestic White Tower at the centre of the Tower of London is a superb example of Normal architecture. See why the ravens are known as the tower’s guardians.

2. Westminster Abbey

All British monarchs have been crowned at Westminster Abbey since 1066, and its St George’s Chapel contains the old Coronation Chair.

More than a hundred graves or memorials are dedicated to famous authors, including Geoffrey Chaucer and Shakespeare like Ausasand Dickens.

The Lady Chapel’s vaulted ceiling, the historic murals in the East Cloister, the Queen’s Window, and the statues of 10 brave Modern Martyrs, including Martin Luther King Jr., are just a few of the things to see and do at the Cathedral.

3. St. Paul’s Cathedral

You’ll be treated to awe-inspiring panoramas as you walk along the middle aisle, you will be treated to awe-inspiring panoramas. Visit Wellington’s Monument, a fitting memorial to one of the country’s most illustrious military figures and politicians, the Duke of Wellington.

A marble figure of poet and former Dean John Donne, poet Robert Scott and painter JMW Turner are all on display in the Cathedral. The Great Fire of London destroyed this monument’s base; therefore, look for scorch scars on the bottom.

The Light of the World, a painting by William Holman Hunt, and Mother and Child: Hood, a sculpture by Henry Moore, both honour modern martyrs. Take in some of the best views in London from the Stone & Golden Galleries (subject to availability) if you have a love for heights. 

4. Hyde Park

It is one of the nicest parks in London, with 142 acres of manicured gardens, natural grassland, and awe-inspiring treetops. It is a great green space in the city’s centre, but it also has a few interesting attractions and holds concerts and other events all year long.

On warm days, the lawns in the park’s eastern half transform into a giant picnic and play area. Wilderness and trees abound in the area to the west of the city. There is always something blooming in the Rose Garden if you are searching for something extra colourful (and shady).

The Holocaust Memorial Garden, a small stone marker amid a grove of trees, may be found further west. The Serpentine and the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain are two more must-see attractions in Hyde Park, London.

5. Kew Gardens

In London’s largest UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kew Gardens, you may get away from it all and relax in a tranquil setting. Visitors will be delighted to discover the world’s largest collection of living plants and a world-renowned scientific research facility.

In addition to the world-famous Palm House and its distinctive rainforest, the Princess of Wales Conservatory enables visitors to explore ten of the world’s climatic zones, and the Waterlily House features enormous lily pads.

In addition, you can unwind with a cup of coffee or tea in one of our cafes. Within 30 minutes of downtown London, Kew Gardens can be accessed through public transportation (train and road) and the London Underground.

6. Big Ben

Big Ben is one of London’s most recognisable monuments, standing tall and strong at the Palace of Westminster. Find out everything you need to know here.

Big Ben, a Victoria-inspired London landmark, has been tolling every fifteen minutes since the mid-19th century, ensuring punctuality for the city’s residents today!

7. The Borough Market

The Borough Market is a must-see for any type, whether you are seeking the newest trends in cuisine or unique ingredients for your next meal. In addition to being a well-known landmark in London, the London Bridge and the Shard are just a short walk away. You will never know when the entire day has been spent and it is evening. 

At the same time, this is the place if you want to take something home for supper or a surprise for your loved ones. Tick. A brief sip of water. It is possible to meet up with a pal somewhere. It is crowded, it is loud, and the delicious smells are all vying for your attention as they mix and blend. Saturday is the ideal day to visit these markets for the best experience.

How to explore the city in the best way?

While there are many ways to enjoy the city of London, take advantage of the hop on hop-off bus tour of London to see the city’s most famous attractions like real travellers do. Take advantage of 24 or 48 hours of unlimited bus travel across London, as well as a complimentary river cruise, all included in the price of your bus ticket. So, bookmark this post in order to make the most of your next trip to London! 

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