5 Tips to Clean Carpets with A Steam Mop

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Around 2004, steam mop hit the mass market and since then carpet cleaning routines have been transformed. There are several carpet cleanings tools available in the market but steam mops have a separate fan base among homeowners.  The reasons are obvious, it offers convenient and reliable cleaning at affordable rates. We will dig deeper into the benefits of steam mop a little later but let’s start with more important details. For those who have purchased a steam mop for the first time or are planning to buy one, here is a brief introduction on what it is and how to clean carpet. 

This carpet cleaning guide will help you keep your carpets clean and fresh with the top 5 steam mop cleaning tips. Although you will need the services of carpet cleaners in Manassas VA after a year or so, regular cleaning will be a breeze.  

What Is A Steam Mop?

Aptly named, this mop employs water steam to clean the floors. Unlike a regular mop that requires a detergent or bleach, a steam mop only uses water. A microfiber mop is placed underneath the steam jet and is scrubbed over the surface to trap loosened debris and dust particles. 

There are several brands and models of steam mops available in the market with different specifications. While the details of each make may vary, all of them employ steam to dislodge dirt and debris.

Tips To Clean Carpets with Steam Mop

Steam mops are typically used to clean tiles and engineered wood floors. Many homeowners find themselves confused if they should be using steam mops to clean their carpets or not. With the right techniques on your hand and some precautions, using a steam mop for carpet cleaning can be pretty beneficial. Although a steam mop does not produce the very-high heat that commercial steam cleaners can, it is still effective for the majority of carpet materials.

Remove Clutter from Your Carpets

Whether you have light or dark-colored carpets at your home, the first step of cleaning is always about decluttering. Remove any large items from the carpet such as toys, books, and any rubbish. If possible, relocate the chairs and tables to a different room for your cleaning session. Clear the space so that you can easily move around with the steam mop. 

Most of the models are lightweight and easy to carry so if you are unable to move furniture, you can still achieve a nicely cleaned carpet.

Vacuum The Carpets

The next step is to vacuum the carpet thoroughly. The good suction power of a vacuum is required to pull out the lint, debris, and dust trapped within the fibers. If left around, it can stick with the mop pad and be distributed to other parts of the carpet. Once the carpet flooring is thoroughly vacuumed, it’s time to prepare your steam mop.

If you love quick solutions, there are several dual-function steam mops on the market. They can work reasonably well when it comes to small messy areas.

Fill The Reservoir

All of the steam mops have a reservoir that needs to be filled before a cleaning session. Fill it with distilled or demineralized water up to the mark. Here are a few precautions.

  • Do not use tap water because it can cause deposition and the buildup of minerals in the reservoir. These minerals can clog the tiny outlets in the mop head affecting the steam distribution.
  • Do not overfill the reservoir as this could result in hot water spilling everywhere.
  • Make sure the wires are unplugged while you are filling up the reservoir.

You can put some essential oils or a few drops of lemon juice in the reservoir for that fresh scent.

Prepare The Steam Mop Pads

The next important tip is to prepare the steam mop pads. Attach the cleaning pad according to the manufacturer’s instructions given in the users-manual. Once it is completely secured, attach the carpet glider. 

To avoid smearing dirt or leaving trails on your carpet, keep several cleaning pads on your hand. Change them as often as required to get that pristine clean look. Consult the product manual on how to change and clean the pads. When you are done cleaning, make sure each of them is completely dry before you store them for later use.

Steam Mop Your Carpet In Sections

Divide your carpet into virtual sections and start mopping in sections. Power up the steam mop and start cleaning. Make sure each section is overlapping the other section with a few inches so you don’t leave dirty lines. Depending on the condition of your carpet, you may need to make multiple light passes over the entire floor.  

Don’t Put Steam Mop at One Spot for Long

If you want to make the best of your investment, you have to use a steam mop with some precautions. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to keep the steam mop at one spot for a long time. 

Don’t allow it to idle at a spot because too much heat can damage the fibers, especially the carpets made up of synthetic materials. Steam can also fade colors for some materials. 

The heat does its work of dislodging dirt and killing bacteria in 10-15 seconds so there is no point in exposing your carpet to heat for a long time.

Benefits Of Cleaning Your Carpets with Steam Mop

Disinfect Your Carpets

The most important advantage of using a steam mop is that it can kill disease-causing microorganisms. Steam can kill dust mites and disinfect your carpet. The excellent cleaning potency paired up with disinfecting properties makes it a perfect choice for homeowners.

Quick And Convenient

Steam mops are lightweight, affordable, and super easy to set up. Cleaning is quick and convenient. You do not need a lot of space to store it. Once you have invested your money in purchasing a steam mop, you can enjoy peace of mind.

Environment Friendly

What is the best thing about a steam mop? You are not using any harsh chemicals and affecting your environment!

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